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Vancouver International Hip Hop 4 Peace Festival - PEACE! An Element of Hip Hop

- 6:00pm
Sunday September 16 2012

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Vancouver International Hip Hop 4 Peace Festival
PEACE! An Element of Hip Hop
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Back in Vancouver…
*** OBSESIÓN! ***
Pioneers of Cuban Hip Hop Direct from Cuba

>>> SATURDAY September 15 <<<
Vancouver Art Gallery
Robson at Howe Street, Downtown Vancouver, BC

>>> SUNDAY September 16 <<<
Neighbourhood House
5288 Joyce Street, Vancouver, BC
(1 Block South of Joyce Skytrain Station)

All Events Are Drug & Alcohol Free

Check out the Hip Hop For Peace 2012 Promo Video !!!

Check the blog for updates, artist bios, and much more!

Hip Hop is picking up the mic and taking it's place in the struggle for a better world! In our world today, war and occupation has brought devastation and death to Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and most recently Libya, and now imperialist forces are focusing their war drive on the next targets of military intervention. Syria is on a path of destruction with a civil war imposed by the U.S. Obama regime and their imperialist allies against the Syrian people. Iran is facing increasing sanctions, covert intervention, sabotage and daily threats of military intervention. Every day we are subjected to a massive mainstream media deception campaign against these two countries. In the struggle for an end to this brutal war drive, a global language of resistance is breaking out of war zones and ghettos, refugee camps and reservations. Hip Hop is raising a voice for peace world wide and here in Vancouver with PEACE! An Element of Hip Hop.

On September 15th and 16th, the 8th Annual Vancouver International Hip Hop 4 Peace Festival returns to showcase an alliance of local and international MC’s, Breakdancers, DJ’s, Graffiti Writers and Peace Activists! This year’s festival will once again bring the Cuban Revolutionary flavour to Vancouver with OBSESIÓN direct from Cuba – Pioneers of Cuban Hip Hop.

On Saturday, Hip Hop 4 Peace will be out in the sun for an all-day outdoor show with body rocking beats and lyrics that inspire the mind. Sunday will be a day of workshops where participants can try out the fine arts of breakdancing and writing and rapping rhymes, as well as take part in a discussion with artists and activists on the importance of Hip Hop and it’s role in the struggle for peace and humanity.

Over the last near decade, the festival has evolved into one of the most significant events of its kind. A unique facet of the festival is that it is absolutely built, organized, sponsored and supported by communities of youth, families, and working people from across the world. The festival continues to be committed to being as accessible, diverse, creative and idealistic as the human imagination can construct!

“Power to the People Cause the People Want Peace!”
- Public Enemy

==>>> THE ARTISTS <<<==

OBSESIÓN (Havana, Cuba)
Joose Justis
Attikus & GBoXX
Fatty Down
Ndidi Cascade
Tonye Aganaba
Savage Rock (Now or Never Crew)
Fully Faded
Estea Elements
JB the 1st Lady
Ali Dahesh
Babie Paul
Discreet da Chosen 1
Speeches Beyond
Ill Tone & King's Landing
Chief Rock & Lisa Monchalin
Babaluku Free Nation
Indigo Kids

Watch the Hip Hop 4 Peace Festival youtube channel:

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See the Hip Hop 4 Peace Festival poster:

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MAWO ~ Mobilization Against War & Occupation
P 604.322.1764 || F 604.322.1763

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