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Ship Harbour, NS (about an hour outside of Halifax)

Atlantic Youth Action Gathering

Friday August 10 2012
- 3:00pm
Monday August 13 2012

Venue: The Deanery
Address: 37 Deanery Road
Cost: Sliding scale cost: $25-$150
Accessibility: The space is not wheelchair accessible. We will do our best within the limits of the space to make it as accessible as possible.

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Sierra Youth Coalition’s Youth Action Gathering

August 10-13, 2012 in Lower West Ship Harbour, Nova Scotia

Young people in Canada know that sustainability is the critical issue of our time. We are concerned that unsustainable practices are happening all around us in almost every area of our lives. We also see the great opportunities for improving the quality of life, community cohesiveness, health, and happiness by creating sustainable solutions to our collective needs and wants. The Youth Action Gathering (YAG) seeks to create and support an inclusive and respectful community of empowered youth who are ready and willing to tackle sustainability issues in their communities head-on.

YAGs provide youth with the skills, resources, and support they need to develop actions plans to build more sustainable communities. The project brings together youth from diverse backgrounds to a safe space that promotes and embodies environmental and social consciousness and encourages healthy and sustainable individuals and communities. Youth will leave the program infused with the ability to develop grassroots actions that affect and include the greater community. We hope to make this event as accessible as possible, and are very willing to work with participants to make accomodations for special needs of any kind.

Through outdoor activities, skills- and issues-based workshops, campfires, and time to take in the forest and the beach, this camp will give participants a better understanding of our connection to ecosystems, empower youth to make sustainable changes in their own lives, and help participants develop projects that will enhance the sustainability of their own communities.

The YAG will be held at The Deanery in Lower West Ship Harbour (about an hour east of Dartmouth). There is a sliding scale cost for participants – pay between $25-150 depending on your family’s economic capacity. Register here!

            If you would like to volunteer to help the Youth Action Gathering run smoothly, please contact halifax.yag@syc-cjs.org. A wide range of volunteer positions are available -something for everybody’s passions and skill set! These positions include free camp attendance. Volunteer tasks include: 

·         Food Donations Assistant. If you are into getting organic, local, fair trade, vegetarian food and know any producers that can help us feed the participants healthy food for cheap, this is the job for you!

·         Transportation God(dess). If you have access to a vehicle and are able to pick up supplies/people before, during and/or at end of camp, please let us know!

·         Interactive Workshop Leaders. If you are passionate about an issue and have a message that you want to share with participants, why not do so through an interactive workshop?

Email halifax.yag@syc-cjs.org if you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities!



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