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The Harper-Dunderdead transcript

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Admiral Harper at the Mayday rally on the St. John’s waterfront, June 25, 2011. Photo | Tim O’Brien, The Muse
Admiral Harper at the Mayday rally on the St. John’s waterfront, June 25, 2011. Photo | Tim O’Brien, The Muse

ST JOHN’s, NL (June 25, 2011) – Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Kathy Dunderdale had little success when speaking directly with Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Thursday, June 23rd, and said she is in “serious disagreement” with him and “extremely frustrated” over his refusal to reverse a decision to close the Maritime Rescue Centre in St. John’s. Even after Dunderdale offered to cost-share the continued operation of the unit, the Prime Minister declined, saying that reversing the decision would put him in difficult position regarding other cuts the federal government is making to social programs. In a related announcement, ACOA Minister Keith Ashfield said the rescue centre was just another call centre. Dunderdale said despite their conversation the fight to save the centre on the southside of St. John’s harbour will continue. Dunderdale said all members of her caucus will be at a rally planned for Saturday in St. John’s on Harbour Drive at 11:30 a.m., but she will be away for a christening.

Through a FOI, Halifax Media Co-op has obtained a verbatim transcript of the telephone conversation between Premier Dunderdale and Prime Minister Harper:

Harper: “Hello, this is President...er....Prime Minister Harper, who is calling?”

Dunderdale: “Hello Mr. Prime Minister, it’s Premier Dunderdale from Newfoundland and Labrador calling you about the closure of our rescue centre here, this centre is very important to the people of this provi......”

Harper: “Dunderdale?”

Dunderdale: “Yes, sir, Premier Dunderdale of.....”

Harper: “Oh, yes, yes, I remember you now, weren’t you part of the buy-out of Danny Williams?”

Dunderdale: “Yes, Mr. Prime Minister I did....”

Harper: “How are things?”

Dunderdale: “Just fine, sir, now about the closure.....”

Harper: “I’m very glad to hear it Premier Dunderhead, I heard that you and Williams are having some sort of dispute.”

Dunderdale: “No, everything is on the up-and-up and it’s DUNDERDALE, it’s spelled D.U.N.D.E.R.D.A.L.E!”

Harper: “Yes, yes I’ve got it now, well nice to hear from you, I’m glad everything is going well out there....well....anyway, your request for a $6 Billion loan guarantee for the Lower Churchill project has been approved but your request for more Federal money for Cupids has been denied. My people tell me that we were more than generous to that town last year....but they voted for the LIBERAL candidate anyway! The electoral coup we planned for the Maritimes was a great success but it would have been greater if you had come through on your end of the deal. Now lady, I have several other urgent calls waiting from John Baird, Bibi and the RCMP. Tell Danny I’ll be down to drop the puck at the first game, be sure to put on lots of security, very nice speaking with you....good bye for now.” CLICK...bzzzzzz...

Dunderale: “Mr. Harper, sir, Mr. Prime Minister...about the closure... hello... hello... hello.... are you there?”

Tony Seed is a Halifax journalist and publisher and maintains a blog of his writing and related work at http://tonyseed.wordpress.com

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Very nice article

Very nice article.

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