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F(irst)-35 Initiative for a Better Canada

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There are far better uses of 16 billion dollars than buying 65 warplanes!
Kindly consider writing Prime Minister Harper, and Ministers MacKay and Flaherty
with your list of 35 areas of human need that could use additional funding.
Below is my list.
Please send this notice for F(irst)-35 Initiative for a Better Canada to lists and individuals.
We need to have our voices heard.
For peace,
  Roger Davies
Dear Prime Minister Harper, and Ministers MacKay and Flaherty
Your government is considering the purchase of the F-35 warplane at a cost of at least 16 billion dollars.
I believe there are many pressing needs in Canada and internationally that could be addressed through the use of 16 billion dollars.  16 billion dollars spent wisely, addressing human needs, is a far wiser choice than wasting the money on 65 warplanes.
Hence, I put to you the idea of the F(irst)-35 Initiative for a Better Canada.
Below you will find my list of 35 areas where increased funding would do a world of good.
For Canada,
Roger Davies
F(irst)-35 Initiative for a Better Canada
Increased funding in support of:
1. more HIV/AIDS clinics in Africa
2. provincial health care, to reduce wait times
3. provincial health care, to improve emergency services
4. increased progressive training for police and RCMP
5. conversion from war industry to useful civilian products
6. funding Environment Canada and Department of Fisheries at a level where proper research and monitoring can occur
7. research and development in alternative energy
8. subsidies and tax relief for companies producing alternative energy   equipment
9. development of local farmer’s markets, co-ops, and other marketing strategies
10. development in sustainability and food security research
11.  further study of the effects of chemicals in the environment and products, with effective monitoring
12.  increased funding for the arts, particularly young artists
13.  increased funding for Katimavik
14.  increased funding for the CBC
15.  increased funding for the NFB
16.  small town and rural infrastructure 
17. creating a Department of Peace
18.  development of policies and procedures for electoral reform
19.  protected lands and marine areas
20. research and development for transportation alternatives
21. direct assistance for transportation initiatives
22.  guaranteed annual income
23.  assisting provinces with poverty reduction strategies
24.  national childcare program
25. increased funding for water quality monitoring and food inspection monitoring
26.  increased funding for NGO’s working in the areas of human rights, the environment, international development, peace, support for new Canadians
27.  national climate change strategy
28.  offender rehabilitation, release programming, victim support programs
29.  Participaction type programming
30.  increased assistance for refugees and provision for accepting more refugees into Canada, speeding up the immigration system
31.  increased commitment to UN programs
32.  increase the number of Canadian soldiers doing UN peacekeeping
33.  increased money for landmine and cluster bomb clearance
34.  increased funding for sport for youth living in poverty
35.  a new initiative supporting the growth of democracy in Canada
                              submitted by Roger Davies   January 21, 2011

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