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Halifax Media Co-op, Day 22

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Halifax Media Co-op, Day 22
Halifax Media Co-op, Day 22
Halifax Media Co-op, Day 22
Halifax Media Co-op, Day 22
Halifax Media Co-op, Day 22

Picture 1: A public presentation in the North End was held upstairs from at Anchor Archive, a growing local library of zines on every topic available. Besides being the most well-attended event this month, a journalist from the Chronicle Herald described how he had survived the paper's brutal cuts, and expressed interest in being involved in the co-op.

Picture 2: Our presentation in Bedford, aka 'an attempt at branching out,' proved a little less than fruitful in spite of concerted attempts at postering in bus stops and sticking flyers under people's windshield wipers nearby the community's shopping mall. There is a lack of public space in Bedford. We are told that the ice rink is the favorite public hangout by our solo contact there to date, Mark, who, when he's not helping build media co-ops, is driving a Zamboni.

Picture 3: The 7th annual Homelessness Marathon, which airs every year in Montreal, aims to raise awareness about homelessness with 14 hours straight of live broadcasting. This year, CKDU 88.1 FM in Halifax hosts a listening booth at St. Matthews United Church of Canada, serving food and drinks all night long. In collaboration, women from the Roberts Street "Stitch and Bitch" have a KNIT-A-THON to raise funds for the Out of the Cold Emergency Winter Shelter.

Picture 4: The Media Co-op's own traveling videographer, Van Ferrier. Van has returned to Montreal since this photo was taken, but before he did, was instrumental in documenting the process of building the co-op. Here, he flims The Dominion's first annual AGM.

Picture 5: Anna Pearce, who attended a presentation at St.Mary's University yesterday evening had a lot to say about what media should and shouldn't be. "I live in Halifax. I'm sick of National media only meaning certain parts of Quebec and Ontario. I'd like to hear about what's happening in those places because it affects me too, but I also want to know about what's going on here. The only thing in the media here that's at all about Halifax is the entertainment section."

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