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In 2014, Governor Stephen McNeil (as his Chinese hosts anointed him) was off in China being courted by the Chinese corporation Dong Du International (DDI) to favour their entry as lords of the manor in our humble province in exchange for giving him exclusive membership into their most pampered country club for the burgeoning upper upper middle class.
In return he and his cronies signed off on opening the doors for thousands of China's nouveau riche to descend on Nova Shanghai to build Crystal City and establish a Chinese film industry on our Atlantic coast!
Simultaneously the Grand Guv'nor was dismantling Nova Scotia's tried and true, hard fought for and won film industry because he deemed "we" couldn't afford it." Hundreds of skilled and youngish Nova Scotians were ruined--families fled, elderly grandparents' last days were filled with worry over their offsprings' loss of livelihood, children lost everything--their homes, schools, friends, communities. Thousands of distraught citizens and local businesses suffered at his grand hands' signing away their ability to ply their trades. For what reason?!
The independent Price Waterhouse report has confirmed that he destroyed an enterprise that was returning $7 of revenue to the coffers of Nova Scotians in return for $1 invested.
The Chinese company, which plans to build thousands of houses, swimming pools, a recreational playground for the rich and a Chinese film industry (!) on Nova Scotia's coast at Indian Harbour and in other locales, currently pleads "Heritage properties (i.e. the Pacific Building they own on Barrington Street) take so long to renovate) while the tenant businesses decry that the eternal scaffolding is hurting their bottom line. If this big time mover is that slow with one property, how will this Crystal City ever be built? Over whose eyes is wool being pulled? Not mine nor should it be for any citizen here.
This is a script of Vonnegutian proportions. Please remember this true tale only a prophet of absurd truth could conjure, except for the sad fact that it's being acted out for real right here by the present government.
When tossing your ballot into your province's fate box, please remember the thousands of citizens this Daily Bread Butcher of Bridgetown, Guv'nor Galavanting McUnreal destroyed in one fell fool-swoop while dining with China's finest, soon to be on our doorstep in droves.
The question I'm asking myself, "Who does Stephen McNeil care about?"



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