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Just got home from the EfficiencyOne public input hearing. Question is, in this climate of the austerity meme--by the one per cent for the one per cent--who really is the "one" in  the naming that the efficiency is for? (answer "hidden" above).

At this 'filled to capacity and more' hearing Monday night, why did I get the distinct feeling that I was in "Groundhog Day" (the film), experiencing deja vu in a place I had been before? Then, I surmised what it was: impassioned, eloquent presentations from young people, small business owners and intelligent thinkers fighting for this "win/win/win" enterprise were of the same "right fight" stuff that the Film Tax Credit mobilization had been. People here, people there, people everywhere fighting against the fake austerity platform to protect the sociopathic 1%--the so called "tough times for all" that the powers that be running this province (into the ground) espouse. But that's okay because th elite will be fine--set up on high (not moral) ground with their fat cat investments and pensions (better watch out for fossil fuel stocks). (And the pols hope to be chosen to tag along for the rich ride. 


The presenters were full of pride and passion for Efficiency One, a mean that, like the film industry, was giving so much growth and well being to working people.  Also like the film industry it has had to go on the defense because of the austerity attack. Like one incredulous presenter said, "Why in God's name are we here having to do thsi when this department is a leader in the country and the world in fulfilling its visionary mandate. Not living long to prosper to which its promising beginning like all roads points to Rome--the covert prejudicial process against citizens for cronies by which this province has lived and died. 

One presenter acknowledged "the elephant in the room" which had become accustomed to a certain "je ne sais quoi," shall we call it luxury living with yachts, private jets, multi-million dollar salaries, ginormous increases in pay packets, way above average returns to investors. But heaven forbid that the highest income earners should have to lose a little to the bare bones backs of all the little guys. It's the same elephant that came over from government house where the elected elites as they like to see themselves have been leading the belt tightening charade, I mean parade, adding notches to theirs, not to tighten but to tally their victims--those they are supposed to be serving.

Oh, what about their belts then, you ask?

They've bought new ones, longer because their girth just keeps growing. I don't know, maybe it's the week-ends in New York City or the $900 tabs for dinner or the pensions they're drooling over.

One other presenter said he hoped the smart young people, many of whom spoke Monday night, would be able to stay and earn a living in Nova Scotia because he said they are most likely good problem solvers and we're going to need them to fix the huge problems of non-sustainable and unaffordable energy that are coming our way. It won't be the buck barons of the monopolies that can fix them. Those bastards will be long gone. They loved their jobs, but they love their families more. 





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