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Carbon Fee and Dividend will pay you a cheque like this four times a year.
Carbon Fee and Dividend will pay you a cheque like this four times a year.
CCL volunteers met with the Finance Minister, Diana Whalen
CCL volunteers met with the Finance Minister, Diana Whalen
CCL volunteers organize events like the 350.org "Connect the Dots" in 2012
CCL volunteers organize events like the 350.org "Connect the Dots" in 2012

Are you having trouble sleeping? You probably think it's because of financial worries, cost of food, your relationship or lack of one, or any other of the myriad personal problems with which we're all trying to cope. I discovered it was something even more significant of which I was not even aware: something to do with fear of climate change seeping into my unconscious and preventing me from dissolving into la-la dreamland?  I thought I would have to live with insomnia forever. But, luckily, I tuned in to CKDU, the local Dalhousie University public radio network and heard about this lobby group, an international network of people, all like you and me, who have committed to spending a few hours lobbying--sending letters, opinion and media editorial kits (most of which is provided by the organization); strategizing on how to get to know your MP, MLA, community and church groups and leaders; tuning in to a weekly group leader call; taking a free three hour training on how to lobby; and, most importantly, finding out you're not alone in your fear and skewed sleep patterns. Turning my isolated panic over symptoms caused this BIG THING into action by joining this non-profit group has been a life saver. I learned that my feeling of powerlessness was slowly killing me. Now, at least, I know I'm doing everything I can. I feel the power of the people a whole lot now. We must each and everyone of us commit to stopping the warming of the planet. Now! Not a second more can any of us wait sleeplessly, anxiety ridden. It's not acting that is debilitating us. See CItizens' Climate Lobby Halifax on Facebook.  Please tell anyone you think might be interested in doing something about climate change.  


A really important thing to do right now is to demand that Nova Scotia create a clean, sustainable energy policy with carbon fee and dividend* as its lynchpin.


The majority of Canadians believe we have to do something to lower the greenhouse gases that are causing climate change, but they’re concerned about what it will cost them. The solution involves putting a price on carbon that makes clean energy competitive with fossil fuels, but this will make energy and products more expensive. 


So, how do we stop climate change without putting everybody in the poor house? 

By putting a fee on carbon and then returning the revenue to all Canadians 


*Citizens Climate Lobby has a legislative proposal we call the Carbon Fee and Dividend Act. It calls for placing a fee on coal, oil or gas based on the amount of carbon-dioxide these fuels will emit when burned. The fee would start at $15 per ton of CO2 and increase steadily, at least $10 each year. Within a decade, economists estimate that such a fee will make energy alternatives – wind, solar, water – competitive with fossil fuels, at which point we’ll be well on our way toward transitioning to a clean-energy economy.


The revenue collected from this fee would be distributed equally to all households. Our neighbour, the U.S. currently emits 6 billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year (and per capita, Canada is right there with our heighbour, especially with the Harper Hell Government under the thumb of Big Oil) , which means the fee would generate a tremendous amount of revenue. In ten years, the fee will reach $115 per ton of CO2. Assuming emissions will have dropped by one third, this fee will be applied to 4 billion tons of CO2, generating $460 billion dollars in revenue. Divided by 300 million people, that gives us a per-capita share of about $1,500. 


With all of the revenue returned, it’s estimated that 70 percent of all households would receive as much or more from the carbon dividend as they would pay for increased energy costs. Those who make smart choices and investments in energy efficiency will pocket more of the dividend. So, there you have it -- $1,500 and clean air. We can get it by enacting the Carbon Fee and Dividend Act. 


Write to the Nova Scotia FInance minister, Diana Whalen and ask for carbon fee and dividend as the way to price carbon for Nova Scotia. 


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