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Kliff & Other Edgy Efforts on Klimate & Klimax

Blog posts reflect the views of their authors.
I renamed my blog to "Kliff & Other Edgy Efforts on Climate & Climax" but it won't let me change the name.
I renamed my blog to "Kliff & Other Edgy Efforts on Climate & Climax" but it won't let me change the name.

I changed the name of my blog from JoanneLight'sBlog to  "Kliff & Other Edgy Efforts on Klimate & Klimax" but it won't let me change the name. If you know how to do this, would you please tell me.  Here's the Kliff poem:



A rant on “North American egocentric animus individualism symbolized by a fictitious character named Kliff and appeal for Geocentric anima consciousness to become involved in “otherness” i.e. the concerns of the earth


On the edge

stoned true blue

flying high

on mushroom's

cloud of love

get your eyes  off



Nova Scotia

Nova Stonia

Rock Lobster

Psycho Bunny

Kliff          hop


hold the carrot

I am the carrot.


Dream Machine


Jo-Jo Brain, Jo-Jo


Body less Jo-Jo

Woman Jo-Jo

1980's..........fin de siècle.  On

to the future.

Take the y-maze, baby.

Do this. Done. Whad'ja do that for?

Do that. Done. Whad'ja do this for?

Gogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogo  this way  Get yoh head



Gogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogo  that way  Get yoh head



Getgetgetgetgetgetgetgetgetgetget     your


 screwed to the sun.


Ratarataratarataratarataratarat                        rats

Machine gun world

full of Rats Rats Rats Rats Rats Rats Rats


your wish is my command.  Understand?


Outrank, Outpsych, beat out.

Kliff Killer Koward

KKK man

of the hour.

1965-Jim Morrison was a dirtydirtydirtydirtydirty god small g alive

1971 he was he was he was he was he was he was a dead man gone the sun



Kliff 2-0-1-4

What's the score?

                        dirtycleandirtycleandirtycleandirty man

a god?

cleandirtycleandirtycleandirtyclean god

a man?

Kliff, whad'ja do foh fun?

I fuk women.

Are ya sure?

blue hollow eyes, blue Monet, shattered Picasso,

melted Dali, mothered Dada, popped

Warhol war: follow that steel line Nietzsche and fly

your eye out, squeeze it man, squeeze it, a rocket, exhaust it,     

exhaust it out of fear

Where to go from here?

Into the twenty-first century of course,

looking for Her.

Diana, Venus, Medusa,

She'll be there ready

for my stare,



hold the blood, I mean the ketchup,

hot dog, meet me at the baseball diamond,

we'll score

a one hitter home run,

forget the foreplay.

no bases.

I don't chase carrots.



Bunk doodle, you fool,

Cock-a-dribble do to you, too.

cartoon crazed,

Bugs Bunny raised,

Yogi Bear fathered,

Minnie Mouse mothered,

First Born Son

of T.V. Land,

North America.

Daddy fixes jet engines.

Mommy blesses bed sores

of the aged.


money can buy:

North America's finest,

Missile straight

not the drowning navy wooden ship ahoy! land,

nor the dirty army swamp and guts oh shit! dead,

big blue balloon

up in the air -

20th century mass communication pluck every woman

in the computer rocket in outer space:

On to the future

to look for Her:

The perfect Mother

for the most perfect Son - first, tallest, whitest,

smartest, toughest, bluest, blondest, fascist IT


There's no two ways about it, not even in binary realism,

you experience ecstasy everyday.  You pop a big, red balloon

a young blond who bursts with delight. Is it her? A thin,

red skin, plastic and ragged, is thrown on the road.  It's her.


Jealous black dirty bloody female soul.

Whaddya mean you won't make love?  You'd rather look..

Cakes, embroidery wool scarves feed you keep you warm

Lobster, candlelight, warm, steamed, curled hair

no taste for shrimp shape look stare sick.

Kisses, kisses, kisses, I want kisses, kisses, kisses,

I like to kiss.  You like to breathe.

Kill it.  Can it.  Bury it.  Smash it.  Hide it.  Hate it


You want a girlfriend, special girlfriend,

call smile see bye call smile see bye sweet tea at ten

in a little cafe a bit of poetry no sex tonight gottago

grandpa senile melted peanut butter jar on stove

don't go don't go don't go don't go.

I am a little animal.

Sad brown eyes go tear go mud go splash

peasant thighs go up go down go up and down,


edge of nature,

'I hate nature on the screen technicolour flat birds singing'

steel line of thought bird watching is redundant in the twentieth century:

there are no new birds,

brain sings its hammer song.

Pounding, pounding, pounding piss those men on men and shit

those men German in books art books snap! a dirty picture forever

flies away watercolour only smiles and family only peace.


Charcoal soul packed with all the dead plants


Earth is screaming

all the shovels

all the shovels.


flip-flop to the candy shop


It's Kliff

Look back, it's the earth:

It's the Not-Kliff.



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