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The Halifax Media Co-op is Hiring!

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The Halifax Media Co-op is hiring! 

The Halifax Media Co-op (HMC) is part a coast-to-coast network of local media cooperatives and a national print publication dedicated to providing grassroots, democratic news coverage. 

Learn more about the network here:         http://www.mediacoop.ca/about
Check out the Halifax Media Co-op here:     http://halifax.mediacoop.ca/
And the Dominion Newspaper here:        http://www.dominionpaper.ca/

Job Description: Content and Outreach Coordinator

The Content and Outreach Coordinator would work closely with the HMC Coordinator to build the capacity of the HMC.  This will involve everything from member outreach and fundraising to writing and editing articles. 

Strong candidates will have a keen interest in journalism, social justice and grassroots organizing. 

The Content and Outreach Coordinator duties include:

- Writing articles, and/or recording audio/video, on grassroots, local news stories.
- Working with other journalists on their articles (editing, copyediting)
- Investigating upcoming story possibilities

- Building the co-op's sustainer base by outreaching to new members (presentations, tabling at events, writing letters)
- Making connections with new communities (especially under-represented communities) and organizations to expand the Co-op's reach and coverage
- Helping coordinate journalism training workshops

- Helping with a variety of administrative tasks that go along with running a small organization, from stuffing envelopes, to upkeep of the website, to communicating with new members, contributors, and other interested parties. 
- Take part in weekly Media Co-op conference calls

No candidate is likely to have all the desired qualities for this position (although you never know....). However, the ideal candidate would possess the following skills, experience and qualities:

- Self motivated, organized and enthusiastic
- Grassroots organizing experience and skills
- Journalism experience and/or training
- Thorough knowledge of social and environmental justice issues
- Local knowledge and connections in Halifax and the surrounding community
- Public speaking and facilitation skills
- Graphic design skills

Please note: The Halifax Media Co-op does not currently have an office so interested candidates will need to work from home for much of the time and/or figure out their own working arrangements. 

Also, interested candidates need access to a personal computer (preferably a laptop) and internet.

All applicants must have been enrolled as a full time student during the 2009-2010 academic year, be returning to full time studies in the fall and be 30 years old or younger on the first day of work.

Application deadline Monday May 17th at 5 p.m.

Email application to: hillary|a|mediacoop.ca

Please include in the application
- resume and cover letter (please limit cover letter to one page)
- a 200 word pitch of a grassroots news story in Halifax (keeping in mind the HMC strives to cover underreported stories, prioritizing perspectives from marginalized communities)
- 2 examples of your published news articles. 

Anticipated Start Date: May 24th
35 hours a week.  12 week contract. 

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hiring in halifax

What is it with this younger than 30 years? Do you have a valid reason that makes sense in a social justice context?

Ryan A Neily, Halifax

Hi Ryan, We're able to hire

Hi Ryan,

We're able to hire because of a government grant that stipulates that the person hired must be younger than 30.

job posting

Interesting job post.

The disappointing aspect being an age restriction. I read the reason for the limit. Okay. Accepted.

Question. Why should the Government have any power in the hiring process? That's not how it is at Vancouver Co-operative Radio and we too accept Government funding.


Gary Jarvis

job posting

Thank you for the response to my comment and question regarding the agist thing. (no hires over 30 years of age) The answer is comprehensible if still not palatable. I guess one should be thankful you guys are not required to hire a Glenn Beck Fox News clone :^)

The reason I was at this web site is because I do support the work, so keep on. Also I will mention I already have a job so you and the government are not causing me any hardship.

Chase the lies and nail them,

Ryan Neily


Hi Gary, While not all

Hi Gary,

While not all government funding comes with age restrictions, the particular program providing funding for this position requires that the person being hired is 30 years old or younger. We always endeavour to ensure that our hiring is an open as possible.



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