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A new Halifax Convention Centre

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Up up and away
Up up and away

Question: What do Cornwallis, Fracking and a proposed Halifax Convention Centre have in common? Answer: They are all bold adventures in absolutely the wrong direction.

Back in 1752, Edward Cornwallis’s concept of development was to create space for settlers and wealth for Britain by exterminating the Mi’kmaw. Along with the demonization and genocide he unleashed on a first nations people, the founder of Halifax threw away an opportunity to learn, along with the indigenous, how to live peacefully within a sustainable environment. More than 250 years later, we face a possible lifting of a moratorium on shale oil/gas fracking -  a process whose beneficiaries will be immediate but whose costs will not be felt fully until every watershed and groundwater source in Nova Scotia is rendered undrinkable. 250 years from now, politicians of the day will be asking: “What were they thinking back there in 2014?” If a new convention centre was needed or economically viable without a public subsidy of an estimated $400 million, it would have been built and leased without having to attack its critics in a newspaper ad. This latest example of corporate bumism reminds me of the advice a new preacher was given by his mentor, “When your argument is weak, try shouting.

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