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Since the liberals won the election, I have been telling people that that the main reason for the win was the fact that Justin Trudeau (I like to call him Two Faced Trudeau) was marketed as a sex object. Yes people, it is true, he pimped himself out to win the election!!

Trudeau has put style before substance, personality before political policies, all for the purpose of hoodwinking and bamboozling the citizenry to gain and hold onto political power. I have a problem with this and you should too.

To add insult to injury, the media, specifically the CBC, is continuing the obfuscation of real geopolitical issues with this narrative of Two Faced Trudeau as some kind of sex god. The liberals, with the use of their fuzzy mitten, have tickled people into a hypnotic comatose state to the extent that many are still smoking their virtual cigarette or still rolling around in the virtual hay with Two Face in a hallucinogenic and hypnotically created halo-deck in their mind.

The present crises is not a crises of personalities, it is a crises of politics, namely, the politics of capitalism. Replacing a few “bad” Harpers with a few “good” Trudeaus will not make systemic oppression and exploitation go away. Capitalism is a specific type of political arrangement characterized by the accumulation of wealth by a small minority through the exploitation of labor and the production of surplus value. The abuses of Capitalism need to be normalized so that we the people will continue to support it and there is one trick that the liberals have always been good at to accomplish this task and that is the fuzzy mitten I mentioned in the aforementioned paragraph. It can also be seen as a slight of hand trick/ bait and switch rolled into one.

Have you ever been lured into an establishment only to leave the store with something that cost more that the item that lured you there in the first place? We may be enticed to buy Trudeau's “sunny ways” but we are sold the same old capitalism of the past. Many of us do not realize we were sold this one two combo of bait and switch and slight of hand until we leave the store and what is worse, some people have not even left the store

In form, this bait and switch is like all others that the bourgeois class sell us, but in scale an perniciousness, this bait and switch in in a class all it's own. The human desire for sex is hard wired in our brains and even though we do have the ability to override this evolutionary adaptation, An adaptation that has got our species to where we are today, it is a hard wiring that runs deep and if you can tap into it, many of us will become pavlovs' dog and we start believing that our Prim Minister is a Chip N Dales exotic dancer who is strutting his stuff at club supersex while we are in the front row trying to sling a twenty dollar bill onto his thong.

If I was watching the conjuring tricks of a magician, I would be impressed but this is not a magic show for entertainment purposes, this is our lives we are talking about. All this trickery is for the purposes of the continuation of late stage capitalism which has brought us to a precipice where the rich are obscenely rich, the poor are obscenely poor, the animals are being extincted at the highest rate since the dinosaurs and the ecosystem, which we depend upon, is on the brink of collapse, And I haven't even got to the potential for a nuclear world war.

I know your probably thinking I am being crude or that I am using hyperbole and it can't be that bad, to which I say, “have you watched or read the media? “ Weather it is pictures of women wrapping their legs around Mr. Two Face in some kind of horizontal lap dance, stories of women and gay men tossing their underwear at Trudeau, 22 minutes doing a comedy skit with what appears to be a barely of age women swooning over Justin or a CBC news article of our Prime Minister doing a photo bomb while bare chested, the fact is, it is “that bad.”

When our Prime minster and his liberals can run a non-feminist male to defeat a feminist incumbent in Halifax, when they can put men on the economic levers of power in cabinet, Bill Morneau and Scott Brison respectively, and when they can sell weapons to a misogynistic government, namely The House OF Saud, while Mr. Two Face calls himself a feminist, you know it is “that bad”

When he is able to sell those weapons to a government that is also anti-gay while he can have the whole LGBT community in Canada swooning over him, you know it's “that bad”

When he can present himself as a friend of the little folk, the oppressed and exploited folk, while continuing litigation against war resisters, continuing the anti-Palestinian legacy of Harper and continuing to do little to nothing to fix what can only be described as the liberals “pay-gate” which has caused many public servants to go without pay from their employer for months, You know it's “that bad.”

when he claims to want to build a new nation-to-nation relationship with First Nations, Metis and Inuit living in the geographic boarders of what is known as Canada while at the same time refusing to adopt UNDRIP directly into Canadian law and continues to undermine indigenous sovereignty through such initiatives as his approval of the Site C Dam, You know it's “that bad.”

When we see the liberals continue to undermine the sovereignty of Syria by having troops in Syria without permission from the Syrian government, When the liberal government is using Canadian troops to train Nazis and banderites in Ukraine and when we hear xenophobic and hawkish language by Mr. Two Face towards Russia, you know it's “that bad.”

Capitalism has manufactured our consent and that consent is a consent to live in a world where style is put before substance because style is cheap and substance is expensive. We have been convinced that our destructive 'mcjobs' are necessary, we have been convinced that supporting Fist Nations while also supporting projects from vile and destructive companies like BC Hydro, Enbridge, TransCanada, etc, that theft First Nations land, is not a continuation of colonialism and we have been convinced that Trudeau will make Canada a better place. There are however cracks in the facade. Canadians are starting to realize that the only policy the liberals have is one of style over substance while they go about appeasing their corporate masters. We must continue to find the cracks in the facade and turn the cracks into chasms so we can mobilize and organize to see that the Federal liberal party do not get elected to a second term. Written by, Aaron Doncaster


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