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A letter to Mayor Cecil Clark of CBRM regarding the potential for clean local energy ownership.

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A letter to Mayor Cecil Clark of CBRM regarding the potential for clean local energy ownership.
Dear Mayor or CBRM,

My Name is Aaron Doncaster, I am a former resident of CBRM and  the son of Councilor Ivan Doncaster. I have been politically active much of my life with many grassroots community social justice groups, workers rights Groups, peace groups and environmental groups. I currently live in Calgary Alberta where I am a proud member of the International Alliance of Stage and Theatrical Employees. (I.A.T.S.E)

As someone who is concerned about the future of our planet, the animals and our children, I believe we must do all we can to have clean and safe energy production. CBRM needs a bold clean energy program going into the future

Weather it is harnessing the power of currents in the channel connecting the Bras D'or with the ocean near Boulandrie, building more solar and wind, converting old mines into geothermal energy production much like Spring Hill has done or stipulating that all new homes need to have geothermal, Cape Breton Island has the potential to be a beacon of hope for sustainable energy creation.

A starting point for Cape Breton is to stop sending their money to America vis-a-vis Emera, who, as a result of a previous government who gave away our N.S Power at pennies on the dollar,  holds  much of Nova Scotians hostage. Yesterday in the Halifax Herold there was a wonderful article about a new wind farm initiative taken on by the municipalities of Antigonish Berwick and Mahone Bay. These three municipalities are 3 of 6 municipalities across Nova Scotia who own their own Electrical transmission and distribution grids and as such are showing themselves to be leading a movement for local ownership for Nova Scotians of electrical production, transmission and distribution

CBRM has an opportunity to remove the dead albatross that is Emera from around it's neck and join this growing Nova Scotia movement for energy sustainability and energy independence. The Mayor and council of CBRM would be doing a disservice to the residents of CBRM and Nova Scotia if it did not help craft the policies necessary for the CBRM to join this movement.

                                                                    Respectfully submitted, Aaron Doncaster

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