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Dear Mr Robinson, Heaven Holds No Place For People Like You

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Forcing someone not to wear something is just as bad as forcing them to wear something
Forcing someone not to wear something is just as bad as forcing them to wear something

Mr. Robinson,

In your article in the Calgary sun on Sept 27th title “Qeubec gets it”, your holding of Quebec on a pedestal for one of their more right wing and xenophobic stances, is shameful.

When it is comes Quebec's' childcare program or their sign law, you have no respect for the Qebecois and their cultural values but when it comes to xenophobia and bigotry within their culture you do. You have no love for the people of Quebec, you are just a bigot and a xenophobe. Just because in Quebec their is a higher percentage of Canadians against the niqab,  it doesn't mean being against the niqab is a correct position to have. Your appeal to authority with respect to Quebec and their xenophobic stance against the niqab is a blatant attempt by you to try and hoodwink and bamboozle supporters of Quebec who do not live in Quebec while at the same time rallying the xenophobic right in your audience

The fact is you're not even spouting out a crappy opinion when you write about the niqab, you are spouting out a misconception. When you say “the very sight of a woman wearing the niqab profoundly offends the former”, the former being “womens rights and other liberal values of freedom and diversity”, you are wrong. Did you know that some women wear the niqab as a form of resistance to the western culture of impudence and decadency? When you say the niqab evokes woman enslaved under ISIS occupation, you are wrong again. The reason you say that is because you probably have a preconception of the niqab as a result of seeing the world through a racist, bigoted and xenophobic lens. One could just as easily say that seeing the niqab being worn evokes a sense of curiosity or better respect for the diverse ways cultures choose to clothe themselves.

The simple fact is, there is nothing intrinsically suspicious or repressive about the niqab just like their isn't anything intrinsically suspicious or repressive about Halloween costumes or choosing to wear a surgical mask over your face.

Lets be very clear hear, there is nothing wrong with choosing to dress a certain way. There is however something very wrong with forcing someone not to wear something; it is just as bad as forcing someone to wear something. It is even worse to promote this kind of hatred, bigotry and xenophobia.

Mr Robinson, let's be clear, you are a racist, a bigot, a xenophobic hater and possibly a fascist. You hide your bigotry and hatred behind the freedom of the press but the fact is, no one in a position of power and influence should be free to promote hateful ideas. No one wakes up one morning and decides to be a bigot, they are brainwashed into believing in bigotry by bigots like you who use your pulpit to promote hatred. You should be ashamed of yourself!!!!

Aaron Doncaster

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