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Killing God to Save The World

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Killing God to Save The World
Killing God to Save The World

In a strange way, I seem to have more empathy for the religious wing-nuts even though they are completely delusional. Some of these people are in the depths of room stupid and the doors do not open from the inside.

The Hammer of modernity with reason, logic, scientific inquiry - where we demand intellectual honesty and where conversational pressure is encouraged - is what opens these doors from the outside to let people out. The cherry picking liberal Christians who have chosen to leave the room do so with little care to confronting and exposing the delusions of those still in the cave.

The deluded ones in the room hold and express the dominant narrative of religion. There is a unity in their delusion. Cherry picker Christians do not have this unity because they all pick different cherries. One says, "my god is pure energy", another says, "my god is a naturalistic"  and yet another says "what god is, is a concept that enriches our lives" this last cherry picking christian is actually an atheist and does not know it because god is not a concept, the concept of god is a concept.(thanks Daniel Dennette)

All these cherry picking god believers who profess their belief are not only weak voices in the wilderness compared with the united delusional voices, but their diverse and ambiguious cherry pick gods, if by some strange chance they all turn out to be right, would be proof that god is so confused and schizophrenic that he/she/it/they go around telling people they are different things. Such a god would not fit the definition of god rather he/she/it/they would more likely be an extra terrestrial being who thinks they are god. At least the deluded Christians god knows who he/she/it/they is, they are a moral monster who hates some people for what they choose to do with their bodies,etc

As long as these cherry picker Christians do not unite, the dominant narrative that influences society will be the really deluded Christians who believe in a moral monster who hates gays and woman and who promotes genocide, and the sex slave trade and a host(punn intended) of others hideious behaviors. These people influence and I dare say control the foreign and domestic policies of our governments and this is dangerous

What is even worse is that the cherry-picking liberals Christians will more often than not give cover and act as human shields for the really deluded Christians because even though the really deluded god believers are fucking wacked, at least they believe in a god unlike those heathen, sacrilegious atheists. Many so called liberal Christians are just as zealots for their ambiguous gods as the fundamentalists are for their moral monster celestial dictator god and this unites them in a way that is unlikely to happen with liberal Christians and secularists, humans and atheists

If we atheists, secularists and humanists are to build an alliance with so called liberal Christians and liberal religious traditions in order to promote a united narrative that can crush the dominant narrative of the really deluded Christians, I think liberal Christians will have to become cultural atheists and secularists and what I mean by that is, in public they must promote secular values while in private they can believe in their cherry picked God

If we are to build a more healthy world where our species survives, Liberal Christians are gonna have to decided weather their egotistical and narcissistic desires to profess their belief in a god in more important than our survival because if the really deluded Christians and religionists continue to deny science, climate change, stem cell research,etc and continue to oppress woman gays and children, our future is fucked

Even if it turns out that an entity called god exists do you think he/she/it/they would be mad if liberal Christians told god that they gave up belief in him/her/it/they to save the world that was being destroyed by wackos?

Liberal Christians and religionists need to stop giving cover to really deluded Christians and Religionists and they need to say to them selves, "the survival of our earth and our species and a well functioning ecosystem is more important them my narcissistic desire to profess gods existence in public."
Aaron Doncaster

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