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Flu Vaccine: Don't Buy The Pro-Vaccine Hype

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Flu Vaccine: Don't Buy The por-vaccine Hype
Flu Vaccine: Don't Buy The por-vaccine Hype

Why is it so easy for progressives to see that when it comes to big multinationals like banks, big oil or big food multinationals, they do not have the best interest of the public in mind but when it comes to big multinational vaccine companies, their criticle thinking goes out the window and they clamor to get a flu shot every year?

The CDC estimates about 36,000 Americans die each year from the flu although many believe this estimate to be way to high. According to the national vital statistics system, the amount of U.S deaths from flu in 2010 was 500. Many still believe this estimate to be high based on authoritative journals such as the American Journal of Public Health.

The reason for this is simple. Many people who are believed to have the flu actually don't. Only 15-20 % of people who come down with flu like symptoms, actually have the flu. The other 80-85 % caught rhino virus or other germs indistinguishable from flu unless you have a lab test.

In 2001 in America, according to death certificates, 257 people died of the flu. further tests found that of those, only 18 were positively identified as true flus.

We all remember the Hype for the swine flu in 2009. It was nothing but a PR campaign involving the CDC, the media and vaccine multinationals all for the purposes of getting more sales of vaccines and getting more people to take the flu shot. Also lets not forget the proliferation of antiviral gels and sanitizers.

It is not only sad that many have bought into the hype but what adds insult to injury is the smear campaigns created against those who bring forth important reasons why you may not want to get the flu shot. A common tactic for many who in my opinion have been bamboozled and hoodwinked into buying, hook, line and sinker, the fear mongering of the CDC, media and vaccine companies with their PR campaigns, is to use sweeping generalizations by lumping all who are critical of claims about flu vaccine and the need for them into one group called the anti-vacs movement.

Another tactic of those who were bamboozled and hoodwinked by flu shot PR campaigns is to now tell us who don't want to be vaccinated that we are putting others at risk. This Idea is based on "herd immunity". The problem with herd immunity is it is based on natural immunity and not vaccine induced immunity.

Even if herd immunity could be shown to apply to vaccine induced immunity, herd immunity demands 95% immunity and with studies showing that between 18-65, the efficacy of flu shots is 60%(less if you consider the rabid selection bias in vaccine studies and trial) unless we start making more effective vaccines you could never reach herd immunity.

We humans have an amassing immune system and there are many ways we can boost that immune system through foods, herbs and vitamins. There have been many studies recently that show that vitamin D can reduce your risk for for flu by 50 % . When foods and herbs that have anti-viral properties are taken in conjunction with vitamin D We could potentially prevent flu by more than 50%.

So in conclusion, we as a society do not get enough bang for our buck by giving millions on public money so our governments can buy advertizement spaces to convince us to get the flu shot that they spend millions of dollars buying from for-profit vaccine multinationals who do not have our interest or safety in minds

A couple hundred deaths at most a year in Canada and the U.S from the flu, does not justify the billions spent to try and vaccinate us all.

                                       Aaron Doncaster


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