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The Queer Threat

Gary Kinsman and the Canadian War on Queers

by Justin Ling

The Queer Threat
Left to right; Gary Kinsman, Darl Wood, Robin Metcalfe, James Mcswain
Left to right; Gary Kinsman, Darl Wood, Robin Metcalfe, James Mcswain

Originally aired on 88.1 CKDU


Crowded into Venus Envy on Barrington Street, two dozen people listened to Gary Kinsman talk about his new book The Canadian War on Queers; National Security as Sexual Regulation.

Kinsman was accompanied by queer activist and contributor to the book, Robin Metcalfe and Darl Wood, who was forced from the military for being a lesbian. Metcalfe also led some of the attendees around a tour of the Khyber, which was formerly Halifax's only gay bar; The Turret.

The talk took place on February 2nd.

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Topics: Sexuality
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bar baz



Great posting.

My only critique is the lack of reference to trans people.



I should point out that this clip is not the entire talk. If memory serves, Gary did make some allusions to trans people. At the same time, I think the trans community has its own story to tell that doesn't fit in what Kinsman deals with. The trans story goes beyond just worrying about their jobs (not to trivialize) but to worrying about their lives. The struggles in the 60s and 70s were quite different between homosexual and trans communities.

This is what Kinsman talks about - the best way to commemorate a social history is for the opressed minority to tell the story themselves.


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