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Everybody's waiting for Belliveau

Minister of Environment's Decision on Lake Ainslie Oil Exploration is Past Due...

by Miles Howe

Lake Ainslie, Nova's Largest Freshwater Lake. Photo: ASF
Lake Ainslie, Nova's Largest Freshwater Lake. Photo: ASF

Nova Scotia Department of Environment Minister Sterling Belliveau is overdue. 

Nova Scotia, and in particular residents around Lake Ainslie, are waiting with bated breath for Belliveau's decision on the Margaree Environmental Association's legal appeal of the department's decision to approve the drilling of an oil well in the Lake Ainslie area. The decision should have been released on the 11th of December. Many consider the Lake Ainslie well the 'test case' by which the regulation of other exploratory wells, including those that might use the technique known as 'hydraulic fracturing' or 'fracking,' will be based.

Please enjoy the following audio with Neal Livingston, co-chair of the Margaree Environmental Association.


To Contact Sterling Belliveau:

Telephone: +1 902 637 3200
Fax: +1 902 637 3530

email: mlashelburne@eastlink.ca


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