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Climate Change Rally on the Common

by Steve Caines

Bill Carr, MC for the day
Listening to the speeches
The Raging Grannies
Some of the crowd - about 500 people total
Change is possible
Good speech by Richard Zurawski, local author and meteorologist
The King's College students marching in
About 500 people came
Live music
Live music
Another picture of the crowd
Megan Leslie, MP
Megan Leslie, MP speaking about the recent delay in Parliament
Megan Leslie leading a cheer with the King's College students
Climate Change Rally on the Common
Youth activists called HEAT
Dawn Sloane, local councillor
Howard Epstein, MLA Halifax Chebucto
Real Action
A climate change obstacle course
More live music
Some volunteers from the Ecology Action Center
Support from the Council of Canadians
Military budget vs. environment
Reduce energy use!
Climate Change Rally on the Common
One of the tents was a sign making station
Time to act!

 About 500 people gathered at the Halifax Common between 2pm and 4pm on October 24th, as part of the International Day of Climate Action.

More photos from the Halifax event can be found at http://www.350.org

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