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UARB process is a sham!

Solidarity Halifax calls for democratic, public ownership of Nova Scotia Power

by Solidarity Halifax

Halifax, NS – Over the next few days, the Utility and Review Board of Nova Scotia will hold hearings on two electricity rate hikes proposed by Emera/Nova Scotia Power.  Solidarity Halifax has opposed the rate hikes from day one and will have people speaking at the hearings.  Solidarity Halifax believes the only solution to stabilize electricity rates is to return Nova Scotia Power to democratic, public ownership.

“Unfortunately, the UARB will likely rubber-stamp Nova Scotia Power’s electricity rate hikes, and the delay of the hearing today means that even more decisions are being made behind closed doors,” says Brian Crouse, a member of Solidarity Halifax’s Power to the People! Campaign.  “These rate hikes come while Emera celebrates record profits and raises executive salaries. Private, for-profit ownership has brought Nova Scotia some of the highest rates in the country.”
Every province other than Nova Scotia and Alberta has some form of public electricity utility.   These public utilities help provide the lowest possible electricity rates, as well as supporting good jobs and economic development.  Without a public utility, Nova Scotia sees over a hundred million dollars a year sent out of province to Emera.
“After 20 years of a failed experiment with private, for-profit electricity, Nova Scotia should take steps to protect consumers by returning Nova Scotia Power to democratic public ownership,” says Crouse.
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