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- 5:00pm
Vendredi Septembre 20 2013

Venue: Barrington Street at Spring Garden
Cost: Free

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Hands Off Syria! Hands Off Iran! pickets



Join the weekly pickets opposing imperialist intervention in Syria and Iran. 4-5 pm, Fridays (weather permitting) at the Corner of Spring Garden Rd. & Barrington St.

Let us boldly change the direction from war to peace and organize a powerful and effective anti-war, anti-imperialist movement that weakens and stays the hands of the warmongers and those who conciliate with war!

Let us together organize and prepare conditions for an anti-war government!

Hands Off Syria! Hands Off Iran!
Canada Needs an Anti-War Government!
Get Canada Out of NATO!

Hands Off Korea! Stop the War Exercises, and Sign a Peace Treaty!


Hands Off Syria!
Condemn False Allegations Used
to Launch Aggression!
No to the Use of Force for Regime Change!

The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) vehemently opposes the warmongering against Syria and calls on Canadians to condemn any attacks on Syria.

The United States and Britain are leading the plans to commit aggression and Canada has officially announced it is "in lockstep." The aggressive NATO military alliance is being prepared to launch the aggression with a devastating missile attack.

Condemn the use of  force to settle differences. Condemn the  criminal falsifications about who is responsible for the use of chemical weapons in Syria and the convocation of NATO's self-serving "duty to protect" doctrine.

The people of Syria are already suffering untold crimes as a result of the actions of the rebel forces in the pay of foreign powers. The frenzy for war is the result of the competition between the United States and European powers to control whatever regime is brought into being as a result of the actions of the rebel forces in their pay. Their out of control "regime changes" have already caused havoc all over the Middle East and beyond.  Condemn the foreign interventions which are increasing the suffering of the Syrian people as well as the danger that wars will escalate in that region way beyond the attacks against Syria alone. It must not pass!

Uphold Syria's Sovereignty!
Condemn False Allegations Used to Launch Aggression!
No to the Use of Force for Regime Change!
Hands Off Syria!





Organizer:Halifax Branch of the CPC (M-L), No Harbour For War and other concerned  Haligonians

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Topics: Peace/War
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