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NS Poverty Reduction Strategy Lacks Help for those in Greatest Need, says local group

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Just in from Campaign 2000 (Coalition to Reduce Poverty in Canada):

The Community Coalition to End Poverty in Nova Scotia (CCEP - NS) co-chair Paul O'Hara described the announcement as "a small start in reducing poverty across the province". He expressed support for the establishment of a "coordinated, collaborative, government-wide framework", the appointment of a provincial coordinator, and the funds for housing. At the same time, CCEP - NS added that the government's strategy "lacks focus" on those most in need and at higher risk. CCEP - NS called for substantive and strategic investment immediately to help those in need now, and in the future.


NOVA SCOTIA released Poverty Reduction Strategy on April 3rd, 2009

Following extensive work by the Poverty Reduction Committee composed of community and government representatives (including Campaign 2000 partner Paul O'Hara of North End Community Health Centre), the government of Nova Scotia became the fourth province to adopt a poverty reduction strategy. The strategy provides a framework for addressing the needs of those most vulnerable and those at risk of falling into poverty, while promoting the prosperity necessary for Nova Scotia to grow, according to the official announcement.

Does this announcement include the key elements of a poverty reduction strategy as identified by Campaign 2000, National Council of Welfare and others?

Targets and timelines; C2000 calls for a minimum 25% reduction in child & family poverty over 5 years, and 50% reduction over 10 years;
Indicators for measuring and tracking progress in key policy areas such as income security, good jobs, early childhood education & care services, affordable housing;
A coordinated, multi-year action plan across government departments with budget allocations;
Annual monitoring and evaluation to ensure accountability.

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