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Halifax, Nova Scotia

Freedom for Gaza: Halifax rally

Gaza Freedom March solidarity action and information session

Saturday January 16 2010

Venue: Meet at the Pavilion in the Commons, 3pm, or St. Andrew's Church, 4pm
Address: Pavilion: 5816 Cogswell Street; St. Andrew's Church: 6036 Coburg Road
Cost: Free

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Halifax stands with Gaza: end the illegal seige!

3 pm: meet at the Pavilion in the Commons, 5816 Cogswell street, march down Robie

4 pm: meet at St. Andrews Church (Coburg Road and Robie), for a presentation by Ehab Lotayef, delegate to Gaza, reporting back on the Freedom March.

Why march for Gaza?

It has been one year since the Israeli attack on Gaza that killed over 1,400 Palestinians, including 431 children, and injured over 5,000.

“The International Coalition to End the Illegal Siege of Gaza” is a diverse coalition that represents all faiths (and no faith) and is focused on human rights in conformance with international law. To mark the one year anniversary, the coalition mobilized an international contingent for a non-violent Freedom March alongside the people of Gaza on Dec. 31st to end the illegal blockage.

Sat. Jan. 16th Halifax will act in Solidarity with the Freedom March in Gaza

The Halifax events are sponsored by Canadians, Arabs and Jews for a Just Peace. Faith communities, university groups, unions, peace organizations and other concerned citizens are participating in this day of solidarity.

Canadian and international supporters of the Freedom March to Gaza include: Naomi Klein, MP Libbie Davies, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Oliver Stone, Alice Walker, Dr. Patch Adams, Jeff Halper, Tariq Ali, and many other individuals and organizations

For more information contact Larry Haiven (larry.haiven@smu.ca) or Jackie Barkley (barkley@ns.sympatico.ca); Please help spread the word.
"The best strategy to end the increasingly bloody occupation is for Israel to become the target of the kind of global movement that put an end to apartheid in South Africa." -Naomi Klein
Organizer:Jackie Barkley: barkley@ns.sympatico.ca

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