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FIRST! Make Poverty History Social in Halifax

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It was a good gathering at the Tribeca Restaurant in Halifax last night. About 20 people showed up to talk informally and network about issues related to poverty reduction locally and internationally.

(Going from memory here - so if get any details wrong, anyone feel free to correct me. More info on the Make Poverty History Halifax facebook page)

This event came out of a new strategic planning effort by MPH at a workshop in Tatamagouche last year. Halifax Chair Merlin Watt also announced some other events coming up.

* Email campaign to raise awareness over 8 months leading up to next G8 Summit being hosted by Canada in 2010 next year.
* Support overall for what other groups in Halifax are doing.
* Federal hearings on poverty in Halifax in 3 weeks, and MPH Halifax has also been asked to host a panel in conjunction with this event. Looking for volunteers to help.

For more info:
Merlin Watt, MPH Halifax mphhalifax@gmail.com

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Topics: Poverty
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