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Two Eyes Are Better Than One

Dr. Heather Castleden and Team to Use Tradition and Science to Examine Effects of Boat Harbour

by Miles Howe

Dr. Heather Castleden (Photo: Heather Castleden)
Dr. Heather Castleden (Photo: Heather Castleden)

Halifax - Dr. Heather Castleden, in conjunction with the Pictou Landing Native Women's Association, will be undertaking a three year research study to determine the health effects of living next to Boat Harbour. The project is being largely funded by the Canadian Institute of Health and Research, which has enabled Dr. Castleden to amass a team of experts including air and water quality researchers.

The project, however, will not rely solely on western means of scientific deduction. According to Castleden, her team will be using "two eyes", the term used by Mi'gmaw elder Albert Marshall to describe the melding of science and traditional means of data gathering, to capture a more precise and well-rounded picture of the effects of Boat Harbour upon the Mi'gmaw population of Pictou Landing.

Please enjoy the following interview with Dr. Heather Castleden

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