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Todd Gordon, author of Imperialist Canada, in Wolfville, Halifax

by Miles Howe

Dr. Todd Gordon [Photo: Miles Howe]
Dr. Todd Gordon [Photo: Miles Howe]

Halifax - Dr. Todd Gordon, professor of political science at York University, and author of "Imperialist Canada", is speaking tonight and tomorrow in Wolfville and Halifax. Gordon, in the vein of Chomsky and Engler, removes the rosy-coloured glasses from the imagery that seemingly sustains our daily perceptions of both corporations, foreign policy and military adventures.

Both at home and abroad, Gordon places Canada squarely in the realm of the imperialist powers, bent on ever-increasing capitalist expansionism, and demands that the reader look at Canada as a self-interested player in the global sphere. Gone are the notions of blaming the usual scapegoats, such as our neighbours to the south, and gone are the heady remembrances of a Canadian "peacekeeping" military, righting the so-called wrongs of the world. "Imperialist Canada" searches to place responsibility squarely in the laps of those involved in the capitalist-fueled incursions into unceeded indigenous territories, and the "Global South". And while Canada does not act alone in the world, Gordon reveals that it is not the eternal innocent of legend and lore.

Todd Gordon speaks at the following locations: 

Thursday, March 29 - WOLFVILLE
7:30-9:00 p.m. KCIC Auditorium, Acadia University, 32 University Avenue, Wolfville.
Co-sponsored by the Departments of Sociology and Political Science.

Friday, March 30 - HALIFAX
12:00-1:30 p.m. Room 227, McNally Main Building, Saint Mary’s University, 923 Robie St., Halifax.

Please enjoy the following interview with Todd Gordon.

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