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The hyphenated Haligonian

A production of New Roots Radio

by Natascia L

A medley of visitors to the annual Cedar Festival.
A medley of visitors to the annual Cedar Festival.

With the recent policy debates over multiculturalism and integration, it is easy to forget the average Canadian trying to make sense of their identity in their daily lives. Many turn to the hyphen as a way of explaining who they are, becoming Irish-Canadians, Greek-Canadians, Lebanese-Canadians. Others are still seeking something else. On today's program, we host a panel of hyphenated Haligonians who talk about the joys and pitfalls of holding two passports, two languages and two cultures. We bring you a report from one of Halifax's first multicultural festivals of the year, the Lebanese Cedar festival, and we feature an exclusive interview with writer Neil Bissoondath, whose 1994 book Selling Illusions: the Cult of Multiculturalism in Canada, helped kick off the debate over the hyphenated Canadian.

New Roots Radio was founded in June 2010 in the belief that talking about our differences, candidly, passionately and even humorously, is the best way to create healthy diversity. It was begun by a group of volunteers as a way to promote conversations among cultures, to shine a light on the life of the newcomer, and bring foreign perspectives on migration into the province. We throw our studio doors open to anyone who would like to share their culture or their experiences with cultural difference. Shows can be heard on CKDU 88.1FM.


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