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Homegrown Healthcare Risks Going Up in Smoke

Interview with Laurie MacEachern, Executive Director of the Medical Cannabis Patients Alliance of Canada

by Miles Howe

Homegrown Nova Scotia Cannabis. [Photo: Miles Howe]
Homegrown Nova Scotia Cannabis. [Photo: Miles Howe]

Halifax, Nova Scotia - As Health Canada seems intent to push through revisions to the Medical Marihuana (sic) Access Regulations that will eliminate personal grow licences for patients, patients are now fighting back in force.

Finding herself completely unrepresented at last fall's series of meetings, in which the government ostensibly was seeking input from concerned stakeholders, Laurie MacEachern, herself a patient, formed the Medical Cannabis Patients' Alliance of Canada (MCPA). The MCPA now counts over 700 members, and is adamant that eliminating personal grow licences is a major step backwards for patients seeking to access their medicine.

Please enjoy the following interview with Laurie MacEachern.


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