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Memorial Walk for Jack Layton

by Glen Canning

See video

Memeorial Walk for Jack Layton in Halifax 24 August 2011. Route was from the Public Gardens, down Spring Garden to Barrington and Province House.

The event was organized by Cora-Lee LeBlanc, 15.

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Video on Jack Layton vigil

I just saw Glen Canning's marvelous video on the website. Great images with the people telling the story. Congratulations, Glen.


Name something tangible that Layton did!

Halifax is full of shit.  Name something tangible that Layton did...  How is it that "one guy" is  the apitome of the "Canadian identity" who is the only one who can "make a difference"?    

None of what his work consisted of was grassroots folks; he was the leader of a major parlimaentary party and spent more than $600,000 of our money last fiscal year.  All of these people striving for everything "Canadian" have thier heads up their asses: "our country" blah blah blah.  

"When I turned 18 he spoke and I listened." That's just plain stupid.

"We're gonna miss him terribly as a country, I hope they errect a statue in his honour."  Haven't we, as a country, already spent enough tax dollars on his funeral and media coverage of his five day funeral and by paying his salary his entire career?  This is a smoke screen friends, all that goes on within this sort of nationalist promotion is to distract us from the real issues at hand.  


Name one thing Jack Layton did other than spend his entire life in political office getting a paycheck.  

Further proof that the media coop is liberalizing:

This is the sappiest non-news story ever and it has managed to get featured, while not publishing the initial comment I wrote anonymously.  Curious that.  I'll reiterate that this funeral is a smoke-screen of an event, taking our attention and energies away from issues of much more import.  The nationalistic talk in this video is nauseating and laughable. 

Why does the HMC feel this false lamenting for some public figure needs more coverage added to the digital vigil for Layton that corporate news sites have become this passed week?  Isn't there a more critical angle this could be shown in? ie: the cost of a state funeral for one who already made plenty of money out of working for this oppressive government his entire life.  

anonymous response

Hi J Stevens,

Anonymous posts have to get approved by a moderator and so take longer to appear.

  If by "liberalizing" you


If by "liberalizing" you mean "publishing a variety of opinions" then yes, liberalized indeed.

However you feel about Jack, I'd contend that - at the very, very least - he turned the discussion to workers issues. That discussion, if only briefly and maybe not entirely substantially, shifted from abstract, irrelevent or stockholder-issues and turned to solutions that work for working people. 

Your glib pockshots ignore that his message also inspired so many young activists - myself included. I joined the NDP at 16 in opposition to the war in Afghanistan, inspired in large part by Layton. I think that's a pretty tangible accomplishment for the man.


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