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Oppose the Halifax War Conference!

4th annual meeting of the Halifax International Security Conference

by Jonas Bohne



This weekend, for the fourth time, the Westin Hotel is hosting the Halifax International Security Forum, a conference with about 300 participants from 40 countries discussing current war and security issues worldwide. Among the participants are Canadian minister of National Defense, Peter MacKay and a majority of US Department of Defense as well as Israeli and German and other Western Defense Ministry representatives and other, as the Canadian Forces call it “like-minded nations”. Representatives from Palestine, Syria, NGOs or the public were not invited, even though Israels current attack on Gaza as well as the emerging civil war in Syria will likely be discussed topics. Other topics are American global leadership after the election and securing global supply chains.


Given the conservative orientation and military backgrounds of most particpants as well as that the conference is sponsored by the Department of National Defense, Foreign Affairs Media Partner, NATO and corporations such as AUDI, General Dynamics, Dyncorp (US National security items provider), it is likely that they will not talk about the weather. Critics maintain that international weapons- war- and security co-operation as part of extending the military-industrial-complex are more likely things to be discussed off-camera. It may thus serve the purpose of United States and Israeli imperial interests and the involvement of corporations in supplying security devices. Many Haligonians do not want to host this event because they oppose war, imperialism, the naval shipbuilding contracts that cost Canadian tax-payers $35 billion, the increasing militarization of Canada, Israeli Apartheid and the event itself which costs $3 million. Organizations opposing this forum include the Halifax Peace Coalition, CUPW, NSPIRG, Food Not Bombs, SMAC, Canadians Arabs and Jews for a Just Peace, and Independent Jewish Voices.


Come out to oppose western imperialism, the increasing militarization of Canada and status of Halifax as a naval vessel shipyard, show solidarity to those not invited to the conference: Afghani, Iraqi, Palestinian and Syrian civilians. A rally will be held at 1pm, tomorrow at the Halifax Peace and Freedom Park (formerly Corwallis Park) at the Westin Hotel, next to the VIA train station. There will be speakers, music and free food.











Halifax Peace Coalition

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Topics: Peace/War
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