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Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth -- Halifax Event a Big Success!

Richard Gage, AIA, Delivers Towers of Evidence, Inspiration, and Hope

by Claude Fortin

Claude, Richard, and Cal in Halifax April 5 2012
Claude, Richard, and Cal in Halifax April 5 2012
AE 911 Banner
AE 911 Banner

From the moment he stepped off the train at the VIA Rail station in Halifax, N.S. at 5:15 on the dot, Richard Gage, AIA, left the starting gates with a buzz and fury to bring his message of truth and justice to Atlantic Canada.  While being shuttled to the Hotel Atlantica in Cal’s Towncar, Mr. Gage was readying himself for a 5:30pm radio interview with Rick Howe from 95.7 FM News, after which he scurried over to the meeting hall at San Antonio’s Church in preparation for a 6:30 pm presentation to an audience of 74 Haligonians and locals from different parts of Nova Scotia.

Upon meeting Richard for the time I understood from the beginning he was a man of resolve and clear conviction who would not be easily deterred from the path he had set for himself back in 2006.  Neither the technical glitches with the sound system, nor the rock band that jammed full throttle in the basement beneath us, prevented him from delivering his message.  Liked a gifted maestro, he led the audience through a complexity of technical data and scientific evidence gathered by AE911 Truth, omitted testimonials and outright lies in the official 9/11, and he provided a wealth of background information to the events of 9/11.  Richard held everyone in rapt attention for over two hours.  He didn’t skip a beat as the followers of Islam in the audience quietly exited for evening prayer and returned shortly thereafter, and I came to see this man on stage before me was one destined to go all the way and carry the banner of truth to the four corners of the Earth.  As an experienced architect trained in scientific principles, his evidence and arguments rest solidly on the foundations of science.  Throughout his presentation, Richard carried himself with a profound sense of purpose, and his unyielding passion for truth and justice touched us all in a personal way.  He helped spark within us a belief in ourselves that we could indeed help make the world a better place.  Ultimately, Richard delivered a message of hope – one that stirred us from our slumbering state and called us to action.

Following his extraordinary presentation, Richard fielded questions for about an hour clarifying points raised earlier on, discussing alternative theories and counter-arguments, and shed more light on the complex web of the 9/11 events.  Members of the audience came forward to express their appreciation and respect for the work undertaken by Richard, and they offered him strength and courage in his continued pursuit of truth.  The presentation concluded with a few words by the small team of volunteers that helped put together the Halifax event: Cal, our event coordinator, Charlie, a man of many talents, and myself, Claude, the event assistant.  While the chairs and equipment were taken down, Richard took the time to do a radio interview with Lamont from CKDU 88.1 FM, who will be preparing a special report on the AE911 Truth, Richard Gage, AIA, and the many questions raised that have yet to be answered.

A small group of supporters and volunteers then partook in libations and snacks with Richard at the Hotel Atlantica lounge.  Here, new friendships were forged and a heightened sense of purpose and direction emerged for our newly formed 911 Truth and Justice Halifax.  One by one we shared what led us to become involved in the 911 Movement and where we wanted to go from here.  It was a special moment for me, because as our like-minded community of caring individuals spoke in turn around the circle, I felt that I had found a new kind of family and kinship – one that I had been searching for, yet had not found until now.  By 1:30 am, the core of us finally left the lounge, we took photos and said our good-byes to Richard, and shuttled back home with our minds sharpened, our hearts filled with inspiration, and our sails bursting with hope.  Richard Gage, AIA, touched us all in a special way and he is a true beacon of light for all those seeking to create a more just, democratic, and harmomious world

For more information on current and upcoming events, please visit:

Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth                  www.ae911truth.org

911 Justice Canada                                                      www.911justicecanada.ca

WTC Building 7 / Narration by Ed Asner                   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5RRUBXGXBQ

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