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Architects and Engineering for 9/11 Truth

Richard Gage, AIA in Halifax - Reflections

by Cal Amyotte

Cal and Richard
Cal and Richard
AE 911 Banner - Three Beams
AE 911 Banner - Three Beams

The Halifax stop was also an 11th hour rush event. Just under two week to the event I contacted A&E to offer my limo services to pick up Richard free of charge as my contribution to an event I was aware of but had forgotten about.  I received an email stating that due to a lack of communication the Halifax stop was about to be dropped.  I immediately said, “What needs to be done?!”  And I did it.

Due to being a truther for a few years and using my Facebook as my activist ranting station; I quickly found some great volunteers and we got things in motion.  Just a week before the event we posted flyers, emailed everyone and daily invited people to the Facebook Event page.  I was not about to miss the opportunity of having A&E’s Richard Gage presenting in Halifax!

On the day of the event I literally just finished fixing all sound problems when I looked at the time and realized I had to pick Richard up in just 5 minutes.  So I rushed off to grab the star of the show, in just 20 minutes after loading his luggage and getting him into the car, he conducted a radio interview with local 95.7 FM with Rick Howe in the limo.

Quickly whisked Richard to his hotel, back to the venue with the gear. At the event I had another group of helpful volunteers putting up the A&E signs while I returned for Richard. The day went by so quickly and before I knew it, it was happening.

The three core volunteers who helped out with posters, invites and media were Claude Fortin, Charlie Cox and myself, Cal Amyotte.  I have to commend and state that Claude Fortin was the best wingman on this job anyone could ask for.  With his professionalism and polished character he introduced Richard Gage and put a touch of class on our Halifax show I could not have accomplished without him.

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Topics: Peace/War
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