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Through the looking glass

by William Ray

Through the looking glass

Imagine everything you know about the Middle East is a lie. By the 1950’s Iran’s people were starving while being one of the worlds largest oil exporters. This situation was caused by Iran receiving only 16 million pounds from the Anglo-Iranian (certainly someone in the foreign offices droll sense of humour,) while the company paid 50 million sterling in taxes to the British government, and took massive profits.[1] This led directly to the 1951 Nationalisation by Dr. Muhammad Mossedegh. Even though Mossedegh offered fair compensation and won against sanctions in the world court[2] the British,and more significantly, the Americans, who viewed themselves as the natural inheritors of the British Empires world wide holdings, were having none of it. So the new Central intelligence agency dispatched Kermit Roosevelt grandson of the late president and an operations officer of the CIA along with Norman Swartzkopf senior father of the man who would lead ground forces in the first gulf war to rectify the situation. What happened next is a matter of public record, right down to the number of the check CIA asset Edward G. Donnelly used to pay the conspirators. [3] The Saturday Evening Post of 1954 boasts ``another CIA influenced coup has rid Iran of the old dictator Mossedgh and returned to power Shah Mohammed Eedihza Pavlavi. ``[4]

The next problem in the region for the new superpower was a July 14, 1958 coup in Iraq by General Abdul karim el Quasim. Quasim shared many of the crazy ideas about using his countries wealth for its people that got Mossedegh in trouble. On Oct 7 1959 [5]there was a coup attempt against Quasim. One of the erstwhile assassins was wounded and even though he was a penniless uneducated peasant from Tikrit he managed to get to Cairo and enrol in University. That man who many sources claim was a contract agent of CIA was Saddam Hussein. By 1963 the Baathists had managed to take power and Saddam spent the next 16 years happily torturing the peasants as minister of security. In 1979 the US controlled Shah was evicted after 26 years of blood-soaked rule and America lost its premier vassal in the region. In a not so stunning coincidence the US man in Baghdad was elevated to the Iraqi presidency by a coup that had all the hallmarks of another CIA operation.

Now remember the awful and suspicious clarity of the cell phone images of a young girl bleeding out in the streets of Tehran after being conveniently photographed all day. What are you really looking at? Especially given the outbreak of color revolutions all over. Orange in Ukraine, Rose in Georgia Yellow in Kyrgyzstan Cedar in Lebanon, the abortive coup against Hugo Chavez in 2006, and now green in Iran. These events are not naturally occurring; they are brought to you by the National endowment for Democracy. This CIA front was set up by Reagan to circumvent restrictions on aid to the contras.[6] These people are preponderantly ex-US military and Intel. They provide the publicity material, posters banners ECT. And the expertise in dissemination using the latest in media, Face book, twitter, ECT.

Understanding what is really going on in Iran at the moment requires a clear view of the real history of the region and an understanding that we have been waging war on these people for 100 years.  We are and always have been the aggressors . The people of Iran have every right to safeguard their government and natural resources from outside exploitation and while I am in no way defending the Iranian theocracy the real problem in this scenario lies directly to the south.

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