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Halifax HEATS Up for Climate Action

International day of action on climate change brings out crowd

by Derek Gillis

A young activist.  photo: Jen McRuer
A young activist. photo: Jen McRuer
Over 400 Haligonians braved cold wet conditions to demand action on climate change. photo: Jen McRuer
Over 400 Haligonians braved cold wet conditions to demand action on climate change. photo: Jen McRuer
A powerful youth demonstration was led by the youth action group HEAT! (Helping the Earth by Acting Together).  photo: Jen McRuer
A powerful youth demonstration was led by the youth action group HEAT! (Helping the Earth by Acting Together). photo: Jen McRuer

“I’m freezing, but that’s better than global warming!” said Naomi Wilson, Dalhousie international development student and concerned citizen. It was a sentiment shared by over four hundred people who rallied at the Halifax Commons Pavilion Saturday afternoon.  October 24th marked the International Day of Climate Action, and despite the wet, wind, and cold, hardy Haligonians gathered to raise their voices and numbers to demand action on climate change by government and business, leading up to the Copenhagen climate talks this December.

Individuals, families, the young and old, students, community groups, and their pets arrived wearing climate change fashion, carrying banners, drums, and signs while speeches, live music, and demonstrations were presented.  Guest speakers included Halifax MP Megan Leslie, District 12 Councillor Dawn Sloane and meteorologist Richard Zurawski. Both Mayor Kelly and Premier Dexter were invited, but were not in attendance.

A powerful youth demonstration was led by HEAT! (Helping the Earth by Acting Together) a Youth in Action group born from Adventure Earth Center summer programs.  The youth held large photos of themselves as infants in 1995, demanding why little to no action on climate change has happened since then - when the world publicly acknowledged that humans cause climate change.  HEAT demands strong and immediate climate action and refuses to accept future catastrophe due to lack of leadership by those presently in power.

“We may not be allowed to vote today, but we are all human beings!”said the HEAT group collectively.  The group wrapped-up with a catchy and clever rap song and sing-along; the crowd responded with roaring applause. 

Over 5200 demonstrations in over 170 countries had 350 as the core theme.  Scientists agree that 350ppm (parts per million) is the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  A series of studies show that the planet faces both human and natural disaster if atmospheric concentrations of CO2 remain above 350ppm.  Currently the global average of CO2 is 390ppm – due mostly to fossil fuel burning; it’s the major reason why ice is melting, drought is spreading and forests are dying (350.org).

The Halifax demonstration closed at 3:50pm with all participants standing shoulder-to-shoulder to form a giant 350 on the ground as a photo was taken from the top floor of the Atlantica Hotel.  Such grand variations of the 350-theme were launched around the world to send a clear message to all parties meeting in Copenhagen for climate action, rather than talk, in December. 

For more information consult 350.org, videos on youtube.com, and more upon a myriad of social media sites.

The Halifax Day of Climate Action is organized by the Halifax Climate Action Coalition which includes Oxfam, Council of Canadians, Ecology Action Centre, KAIROS, United Church of Canada- Maritime Conference, Sierra Club- Atlantic Chapter, Lutheran Justice Group, Nova Scotia Environmental Network, Universalist Unitarian Church of Halifax, and Halifax-Dartmouth & District Labour Council.

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Halifax HEATS Up for Climate Action

This fall, the United States and the world are making fateful decisions about seriously addressing climate change. In Washington, the House passed the Waxman-Markey climate/energy bill (American Clean Energy and Security Act) and now the Senate is taking up climate change legislation, with the Kerry-Boxer climate change bill. It is widely accepted that the United Nations Convention on Climate Change in Copenhagen in December will be definitive and the last chance for the world to hold back the worst of the effects of climate change in the future. However, if any meaningful climate commitments are to happen, they need a strong push from those of us back home. And it is starting to take off … here at home. Exciting things are happening and the Lexington Global Warming Action Coalition (GWAC) wants to make sure that you are aware of opportunities for you to learn more and participate. Local homebuilders competed by constructing single-family residences that were designed to use little to no energy. Scott won the second place, building a three-bedroom affordable home in Townsend that included energy-saving features available to all. We will be able to save energy at the same time we will have more extra cash available.

lets think twice about climate change

I think we have lost our way. The climate always changes, it is totally natural. We just got out of a mini ice age 200 years ago, and 900 years ago it was hotter than it was today. The sun drives the climate, thats what the science shows. Anway, whats the big deal about a degree or two change in a hundred years? I mean we have toxic waste in our rivers, and massive pollution, yet we are so concerned with carbon, something we breathe and plants breathe? Literally the most wholesome and good compound there is??

The global warming movement is the project of the big banks and oil companies to capture and redirect the environmental movement. It is a huge scam designed to gain control and exert increased monopoly power of big oil companies, while taxing consumers ever more. Cap and trade is the next big bubble after this last financial one popped.

Look into it, its important. Google climate change fraud, or stuff to that effect. At least educate yourself and get a more balanced view. Since when did we trust the likes of Al Gore and Kenneth lay (the ones who designed cap and trade)? Watch the youtube documentary "the great global warming swindle".

I am not funded by an oil company, I just looked into things and found our we are being deceived. Besides, a 2002 University of Colombia study found that oil companies give 5 times as much money to research supporting the AGW thesis than against it.

WARNING: we are under attack, dont fall for it, look into it !!!

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Some action shud be taken for som climetic change....

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