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December 15, 2014 • Halifax Media Co-op

Following Lima

How Canada Can Lead on Climate with a Price on Carbon

» Story: by Cathy Orlando

December 15, 2014 • Halifax Media Co-op

Donkin coal mine may reopen

Safety and environmental record of US coal mine operator not good, critics say

» Story: by Robert Devet

December 15, 2014 • Halifax Media Co-op

Fracking waste company tries again to dump it in Colchester

AIS goes back to beginning after string of refusals

» Story: by Ken Summers

December 13, 2014 • Halifax Media Co-op

Mental health in Nova Scotia: Potential of peer support remains untapped

» Story: by Moira Donovan

December 11, 2014 • Halifax Media Co-op

Above Their Law

After six week deliberation, all shale gas charges dropped against Maxime Daigle. The question is how.

December 9, 2014 • Halifax Media Co-op

Leading by example

Dalhousie Student Union divests while university stands pat

» Story: by Zack Metcalfe

December 7, 2014 • Halifax Media Co-op

Political (dis) Engagement

How politically apathetic are youth in Nova Scotia, really?

» Story: by Stephanie Taylor

December 7, 2014 • Halifax Media Co-op

Enough is enough, tenants of slum landlords say

ACORN hosts town hall meeting to discuss tenant rights in Halifax

» Story: by Kashmala Fida

December 7, 2014 • Halifax Media Co-op

Rally honours 25th anniversary of Montreal Massacre

Vigil spotlights missing and murdered aboriginal women

» Story: by Rebecca Zimmer

December 5, 2014 • Halifax Media Co-op

Let’s Revive the Campaign to Save the CBC

With an election next year, now's the time to plan

» Story: by Nick Fillmore

December 4, 2014 • Halifax Media Co-op

"Why the Genocides Continue"

» Story: by John Bart Gerald

December 3, 2014 • Halifax Media Co-op

From Halifax to Ferguson: Hands up don’t shoot!

» Story: by El Jones

December 3, 2014 • Halifax Media Co-op

An alternative economy for Cape Breton

» Story: by Garry Leech

November 30, 2014 • Halifax Media Co-op

A project from hell

Alton Gas not welcome, local residents tell MLAs

» Story: by Robert Devet - 1 comments

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