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OccupyNS Vigil at Halifax Police Headquarters

by A Truth Soldier

OccupyNS Vigil at Halifax Police Headquarters
OccupyNS Vigil at Halifax Police Headquarters
OccupyNS Vigil at Halifax Police Headquarters
OccupyNS Vigil at Halifax Police Headquarters
OccupyNS Vigil at Halifax Police Headquarters
OccupyNS Vigil at Halifax Police Headquarters

Several prisoners that were released have been re arrested as they left the Police station and began to walk away.

All those arrested have been served with an order that they are not permitted on any park properties be they city, provincial or federal.

The police station is right next to the huge Citadel hill, which people have to walk across to get to other parts of the city.

Those released were not aware that if they walked on the Citadel hill property they would be arrested..

Some others that were walking on another park were also rearrested.

Those occupiers outside the police station wanted to know how they would get their belongings back.

The police said that many of the belongings were thrown out because they had feces on them.

The crowd said that the police had dragged some of their belongs through dog shit.

Also the police said that nothing would be released till next week.

They said if you want your belongings you will have to show ID to get the things back.

Many occupiers said that their id was in their knapsacks.. so they wonder how they will get them back without ID and also wondered if they would loose their IDs and belongings since the Police basically said they can throw out what ever they want and claim it was unhealthy.

I believe that no one well be released and no one well get their belongings back till next week since most clerks do not work on weekends.

There is a general assemby tonight at 7 pm at the Halifax City Hall Grand Parade..be there

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Dan's Nov. 12 reporting and photos

Dan, although we certainly disagree on many things,and we have both expressed this diagreement to one another with some passion, we also share some common ground and I'd like to aknowledge that in public...  Thanks for your Nov 12 postings, and the solidaritiy you have shown.

I hope we both continue to learn through our experiences struggling against an unjust system. As we reflect and analyse not only the ways we have been opressed, but also the ways we unconciously accept the privledges we have, we begin to reject "power-over". This enables us to transform energy of anger into the positive power of love, and we are strengthened in truth, solidarity and "power-with".

Becoming a "Truth Soldier" is an ongoing struggle in a society made of lies. The struggle begins within, and I wish you success in the future. To paraphrase Gregg Lacey, "Hush your thoughts just as you would comfort a baby. A wild person with a calm", clear "mind can create" and accomplish "anything".

I like the photos but the

I like the photos but the text does not accurately reflect what happened. People were arrested and released on the 11th and re-arrested the next day not right after leaving. True that two were re-arrested on Citadel Hill based on ridiculous conditions but they did know that they weren't allowed in Parks. 






thanks for the info..i tried to find out more when i was there but that was difficult as everyone was busy listening to announcements by speakers..

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