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May Day March Reclaims Halifax Streets

by Miles Howe

Halifax - About 200 May Day marchers took to the streets of downtown Halifax today, meandering their way through a route that was part planned and part impromptu. The excitement of claiming, by sheer number of marchers, some of the main arteries and thoroughfares of Halifax was infectious, and under balmy spring conditions it was a march that many were loath to finish.

The day brought out representatives from all walks of life. Trade unionists mingled with Occupiers;  a contingent of bandana-ed individuals with homemade raccoon hats wandered with retirees; and the red and black flags of anarchy fluttered proudly in the wind.

Having the march begin and end at Grand Parade Square was a bittersweet reminder of what was, and what might still be. The afternoon dance party atmosphere, and the numerous chalked messages of hope and love at the foot of the Cenotaph, were reminiscent of the heady days of last October when Occupy seemed an unstoppable force. That the group was instrumental in organizing one of the more successful May Day marches in recent Halifax history speaks well to their ability to continue to capture the public's imagination.

Please enjoy the following photos from today's May Day march in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  

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161 words


There's something about white

There's something about white kids in homemade raccoon hats with covered faces waving the Mohawk Warrior flag that puts me off. Seems like cultural expropriation...

Did you identify any of the

Did you identify any of the committed aboriginal decendants in the crowd? Or are they just "white" by default due to their complexion?

If they were wearing masks

If they were wearing masks how do you know they were all white? maybe people shouldn t be jumping to conclusions..and even if people happen to look white, does not mean that they do not have some native ancestors, remeber that saying, don't judge a book by its cover.  And why can't white people wear racoons on their head?  making clothes from animal hides is much more sustainable then the clothes you buy at the store... i applaud those who have the courage to put themselves out their and look different.  if people have a problem with it they should approch the person and have a conversation, rather than talking about it later on the internet or behind their back.   

Theres something about people calling others they do not know "kids" seems a bit demeening, we are all allies and most people at the rally were adults, why would you talk down to others, does not seem respectfull solidarity to me.

You know what they say...

About ass-umptions.

Reading the comments here,

Reading the comments here, I've realized that what I said wasn't appropriate. Especially the projecting of identities when I should have made more effort. I have some reflecting to do and apologize unreservedly.

Good response

Hey, John ... good response to being called out. It takes a lot to admit to 'inappropriate comments' so I salute you for your new understanding of it.

Actually, since I'm "over 50" I wasn't much offended by it  (being referred to as a "kid"). Although many others did look young to me (but totally committed) I understand the admonishments. And although I am "white" of skin (and dark inside), I did notice some diversity in the crowd.

I read that there was about 200 people out for the May Day March. A few of us came down from the Valley (Wolfville) Occupy group to participate in this event. Those who did attend were certainly vocal, creative in their calls, and very committed to having a fair, equitable and democratic country. Kudos to all for the good showing. I only wish there had been more.

For more on this, and other Occupy activities, plus some info on a new effort to create One Big Campaign to push back against the machine, check out https://www.facebook.com/CampaignToBuildOneBigCampaign

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