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Global Day of Action In Defence of Palestine - Halifax

by Kaley Kennedy

“The attacks on the freedom flotilla have been condemned by people across the world, including people in Israel. Today we gather here to add our voices to this resistance and to stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza and all Palestinians," Jane Kirby, the rally's MC told protesters. <br> Photo by Hillary Lindsay
Photo by Hillary Lindsay
Photo by Hillary Lindsay
Dr. Ismail Zayid was born in Beit Nuba, Palestine, whichh was bulldozed on June 6, 1967. Today, at the former site of Beit Nuba is "Canada Park" built by tax deductible Canadian dollars. <br> Photo by Kaley Kennedy
Photo by Kaley Kennedy
David Parker recently returned from the West Bank. <br> Photo by Kaley Kennedy
Independent Jewish Voices designed these stickers and matching placards. They combine the Israeli flag and a pirate flag. <br> Photo by Kaley Kennedy
“Apparently in the eyes of Israel and its unquestioning supporters, the worst sin is to fight back,” Larry Haiven of Independent Jewish Voices told the crowd. <br> Photo by Kaley Kennedy
"Apartheid is real and we cannot be talked out of the fact that it is real. Passes, religion on passports, checkpoints, special roads, differential rights, and the daily humiliation of the wall; those are what apartheid is about," said activist Jackie Barkley, who visited the West Bank and Israel last month. <br> Photo by Kaley Kennedy
The Gaza Freedom Flotilla Global Day of Action was called for by the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions National Committee. <br> Photo by Kaley Kennedy
Activist Denise Allen told the crowd, "We need to lift the struggle of he Palestinian people higher," and compared the actions of Israel to actions taken by governments in Canada. <br>Photo by Kaley Kennedy
"Occupation is a crime! Free free Palestine," chanted the crowd. <br> Photo by Hillary Lindsay

On June 5, about 150 people took part in a rally in Halifax as part of the Emergency Gaza Freedom Flotilla Global Day of Action called for by the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions National Committee.

Speakers included Palestinian solidarity activists, trade unionists, representatives from religious organizations, and Palestinian people.

June 5, 2010 marks the 43rd anniversary of the occupation of Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem.

See a video of the rally here.

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