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"We will not allow this budget to silently crush us."

Not My Budget NS drops another banner

by Miles Howe

Not My Budget NS drops another anti-austerity budget near the armdale rotary in Halifax.
Not My Budget NS drops another anti-austerity budget near the armdale rotary in Halifax.

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) - The mysterious group known only as 'Not My Budget NS' has, for the second time in under a week, dropped a banner in protest against the Liberal government's 2015 provincial budget. As with the first banner drop, which took place on the roof of the Royal Bank branch on Quinpool road, this morning's banner drop again targeted the irony of the provincial government offering up $22 million in payroll rebates to the mega-bank, all the while slashing funding to the provincial Department of Health and Wellness.

The group issued this press release this morning:

'For the second time in the same week we have done a banner drop in a public place. This time at a prominent overpass near the rotary. Nova Scotians will continue direct actions against this austerity budget over the coming weeks and months. We will not allow for this budget to silently crush us.  

There is a cruel irony to the government cutting funding for the department of Health and Wellness while it props up RBC. We find this move unconscionable. The Nova Scotia Liberal’s are willfully ignorant to the demands of civil society for relief from their austerity budget. They are ignorant to needs of students, filmworkers, environmentalists and unions. This is not the way government should function, nor is it ethically justifiable.

We call on all Nova Scotians to do what they can to oppose this budget and fight the implementation of these cuts. We hope to see you outside the legislature this Friday at 11:30am for the #NSUncut Rally Against the NS Liberal Budget.'

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