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Guru Nanak Dev Ji's universal message of peace and brotherhood

Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev ji ( 1st master of Sikhs )

by Surjit Singh Flora

Guru Nanak Dev Ji's universal message of peace and brotherhood


This Sunday, Nov 21, is Guru Nanak Jayanti. His 541th birth anniversary is an opportunity to reflect on what was taught by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of Sikhism. Khalsa Darbar ( Dixie Gurdwara) Gurdwara Singh Sabha Malton, Shiromani Sikh Sangat, Mississauga, Gurdwara Nanak Sikh Center on Glidden Road Brampton, Nanaksar Gurdwara Timberlane Brampton and many more holding special ceremony to celebrate this Guru Nanak Dev ji’s birthday.

There are many human races, ethnic groups and religions on this earth. Religion, which should have taught people to treat all human beings as equal, acted as a divisive force. This was the situation in India in the 15th century when the founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, (1469-1539) was born.

Guru Nanak felt there could not be two separate Gods, Ram for Hindus and Allah for Muslims as generally claimed by the people. He declared there is only one God for all humanity; we can love Him by any name, Allah, Gobind, God, Guru, and Ram. If all believe in one God then spiritual unity can be achieved. Their way of worship may be different but unity among them is natural if their goal is one.

Guru Nanak Dev strongly preached the brotherhood of mankind and the fatherhood of God. His universal message is peace, love, unity, mutual respect, service and dedication to all of humankind. He turned people from violence to peace; converted tyrants into compassionate beings; and changed painful societies into blissful communities. People of all faiths listened to his message and gained from his wise and sacred words.

Guru Ji's first statement after his prophetic communion with God was "There is no Hindu, nor any Mussalman." He also declared his clear and primary interest not in any metaphysical doctrine but only in man and his fate. It means love your neighbour as yourself.

As founder of a new religion, Guru Nanak set down strong foundations for his successors and his followers. He preached and promoted universal brotherhood, selfless love, peace, harmony, and servitude to all human beings.

One of the most important beliefs of Sikhism is that it is necessary to help the needy and the poor. Guru Ji was always ready to help the poor and he served food to them. In fact, Guru Ji often invited and welcomed the needy and the poor into his house.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji always emphasized three rules all people should live by and these are:

- Naam Japo (recite the name of the Lord at all times);

- Kirat Karo (do an honest day's work);

- Wand Shako (share your food with those around you).

Guru Nanak Dev Ji taught us that all human beings regardless of skin colour, wealth, caste, and gender are created equal. Free sweets and langar or community lunches are also offered to everyone, irrespective of religious faith.


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