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We'll pay non-HTU member Chronicle Herald columnists to stop writing for the Herald

by The Halifax Media Co-op

You can't put a price on solidarity, but we will pay you to not write for the Herald.
You can't put a price on solidarity, but we will pay you to not write for the Herald.

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) -- Attention non-Halifax Typographical Union member columnists at the Chronicle Herald. We at the Halifax Media Co-op would like to extend to you an invitation to temporarily move your column over to our website, in a show of solidarity with the 61 now-striking members of the Typographical Union.

We'll even pay you.

To temporarily feature your weekly column, we'll pay you $125 per piece. Now, we know this might be a pay cut from what you receive at the Chronicle Herald, but we're just a small fish in a big media pond. But if you can afford it, while this strike goes on, you can't really put a price on solidarity, can you?

So get in contact in you're interested. And don't worry if your column is about wine, or baking tips, or whatever. For the moment, we'll trade our 'radical' moniker for solidarity with the working journalists on strike at the Herald.

Also, freelancers...We know we might have a 'racy' reputation and that writing for us won't necessarily 'get you ahead' in the media game. On the other hand, from what we hear, neither will scabbing at a newspaper where you don't even get a byline. If you've got a pitch, consider sending it our way, rather than scabbing at the Herald.

Same pay rate applies. 

Also, all you op-ed writers itching to have your opinions heard...consider sending them our way rather than providing the Herald with free content in a strike situation.

Get in touch:


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