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Fountain purchase provides lifeline but not rescue for NSCAD University


HALIFAX – The $3 million donated by Margaret and David Fountain to NSCAD University, announced today, provides much needed infrastructure support to Atlantic Canada’s only fine arts university. The administration at NSCAD must consult with students, faculty and staff to ensure this money is used to best enrich the education and facilities at the newly titled Fountain Campus.

“This money is an opportunity that NSCAD cannot afford to squander with investments in projects not related to the core educational mandate of our institution,” says NSCAD Student Union President Caleb Hung. “This money should be used to improve the accessibility of NSCAD spaces and to preserve the services that make our fine arts education truly excellent, such as adequate studio space and 24 hour studio access.”

While students accept the need for the Fountain’s gift, there are concerns about the long-term financial health of NSCAD University. Years of government underfunding and poor financial planning have left the institution struggling to provide the quality education it is so well known for. This past year, in an effort to raise additional funds, NSCAD rented out floor space to businesses off Granville Square. This resulted in students losing class space, study time, and exposure to toxic construction materials.

“Naming rights can only be sold once, but government funding provides the long term financial security our institution so badly needs,” said Hung. “All of NSCAD must stand united in calling for a restoration of core government funding to our university.”

A poll conducted by the Nova Scotia Post Secondary Education Coalition in December of 2013 showed that 87% of Nova Scotians believe post-secondary education should be a high priority for the Nova Scotia Government.


The Student Union of NSCAD University (SUNSCAD) is the collective voice for full-time and part-time students of NSCAD University. SUNSCAD advocates and represents the students of NSCAD through our Executives, Councilors, and Representatives. SUNSCAD strives to promote the artistic, educational, social, professional, and recreational activities of NSCAD Students.


SUNSCAD is also a founding member of the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS/FCEÉ). Through the CFS, SUNSCAD is able to work with over half a million members to provide services, and also to advocate student issues provincially and nationally.


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