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Federal Budget Abdicates Responsibility, Leaves Thousands Waiting For Health Care

by Nova Scotia Citizens' Health Care Network

Halifax, NS – Today’s federal budget abdicates federal responsibility for public health care and leaves thousands of Canadians waiting to access need health services such as long-term care and mental health care services, says the Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network.

“Public health care is a major responsibility of the federal government. The federal Conservative government continues to abdicate its responsibilities by refusing to enforce the Canada Health Act while simultaneously reducing funding for public health care,” says Kyle Buott, Provincial Coordinator of the Health Network. “Stephen Harper has never been a supporter of Medicare, and his government’s neglect of Canadians’ number one priority shows a major lack of leadership.

There are wait lists in every province for a variety of health care services and today’s federal budget will do nothing to reduce these wait times. In Nova Scotia, there are major wait times for access to long-term care, to get a family physician, to access mental health care services, as well as many other medically necessary services.

“The federal government is required by law to ensure provinces can maintain similar levels of public services,” says Buott. “By failing to adequately fund public health care and create national standards, the Harper Conservatives are undermining Medicare as we have known it by creating two-tiered health care across the country. One level of care for provinces like Alberta, and one level of care for provinces like Nova Scotia.


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For more information please contact:

Kyle Buott


Nova Scotia Citizens' Health Care Network

Cell – (902) 478-0239

About the Nova Scotia Citizens' Health Care Network:

Formed in 1996, the Nova Scotia Citizens' Health Care Network's goal is to stop the privatization of the public health care system, ensure high levels of care, and create a forum for people and communities to discuss issues in health care.

The Network is a coalition of local health committees, community groups, organized labour, faith groups and individuals dedicated to protecting and advancing public health care to include services like pharmacare, dental care and long-term and home care.


The Network is political but non-partisan and receives no government funding.

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Topics: Governance
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