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April 26, 2010 • Halifax Media Co-op

G8 morning picket - Union leader arrested

» 23 photos: View by Sebastien Labelle

April 22, 2010 • Halifax Media Co-op

Federal budget cuts affect survivors of residential schools

Impacts in Atlantic Canada and across the country

» Listen: by Jane Kirby

April 19, 2010 • Halifax Media Co-op

Peasants Day protest feeds for free

» 13 photos: View by Hilary Beaumont

April 6, 2010 • Halifax Media Co-op

Israeli Refusenik Speaks in Halifax

Co-founder of 'Courage to Refuse' engages local Jews, challenges Zionists

» Listen: by CKDU News Collective

March 25, 2010 • Media Co-op

PSAC condemns closing of Human Rights Commission office

» Blog: posted by bsichel - 1 comments
Halifax Media Co-op

March 23, 2010

Second Halifax Report Card on Homelessness

March 3, 2010 • Halifax Media Co-op

Call for pitches!

» Blog: posted by Editor

March 1, 2010 • Halifax Media Co-op

Halifax Petitions for a Bike Corridor

Advocacy group proposes a connected north-south route for cyclists

» Download audio file

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» Listen: by Erica Butler

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