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June 28, 2011

It's summer! What should the HMC cover during the hot and hazy months?

Halifax News

What stories/events/policies/people do you think the Halifax Media Co-op should be covering!  We want your ideas for grassroots coverage in Halifax and the surrounding region. 


Changes to HRM Council

I'd like to see an analysis of the recent reduction in HRM council size. It's been talked about a lot in the Herald but not much coverage from a grassroots or citizen's perspective.

Is the decision good or bad? Is the decision part of a larger trend toward changing responsibilities of councils in the province or HRM, has this decision been encouraged by certain interests, is it something in the public interest or not? Can the decision be considered democratic, does it enhance or limit democratic representation in HRM? What will be the outcomes of this decision down the road?

summertime stories? fracking and boat harbour

Keep it in the news: Hydaulic Fracturing and Boat Harbour -The rape of Nova Scotia contiues while our government and businesses  waste resources on fossile fuel development and leave their mess for the rest of us to live with...


Emailed from a reader:

I don't know if you've heard about this company that is
planning a big mine in Ontario (with links in NS).  I heard about it a while ago on As It
Happens.  It's a very weird situation.  They apparently told farmers
that they were going to grow potatoes if they sold.  And they will, at
the bottom of this quarry.  Not much topsoil down there.  But the
farmers are pissed off.  Anyway here is a link:




The company is based in Shelburne strangely (google search).  I don't
know if there's anything in this.  It's probably just registered in
Nova Scotia.  The name of the company is "3191574 Nova Scotia

Here is a link to the Ontario government public comments site where
the company's name is mentioned:


First Nations children with complex medical needs: who cares?

A desperate mother from Pictou Landing First Nation is fighting to keep her 16 year old son, Jeremy Meawasige, who suffers from severe and complex disabilities, in her care, and to keep him in the community in which he is member.  A Notice of Application has been filed in the Federal Court calling on the Attorney General of Canada to adopt Jordon’s Principle in this particular situation - to provide the same care and services as every other resident in Nova Scotia.
In December 2007, Jordan’s Principle was adopted in the House of Commons. Jordan’s Principle was named in honour of Jordan River Anderson of the Norway House Cree Nation in Manitoba, who was born with complex medical needs and spent over two years unnecessarily in hospital because federal and provincial governments could not agree on who should pay for his care in a specialized foster home in his community. Jordan passed away at age 5 having spent his whole life in a hospital. Despite the fact that Jeremy’s situation meets the necessary circumstances under which this support can be accessed, extensive efforts to get clear information from the Canadian government on accessing the Jordan’s Principle funding has not resulted in the assistance that Jeremy requires.

For more info, see


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