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May 25, 2010

What stories need coverage in June?

Halifax News

What stories/events/issues in and around HRM demand coverage in June?  The Halifax Media Co-op wants to know your ideas and will do our best to get important grassroots stories coverage!


climate change: local impacts and community response

Again, this event could be used as a starting point:

"Negotiating the Climate Change Web: A Community Vision" will be hosted in the Kenneth Rowe Building at Dalhousie University on Saturday, May 29th, between 11am-5pm. The format for the event is designed to maximize input from community members. It will begin with an opening gathering and light lunch. From there, attendees will split into the four breakout groups, led by experts in each of the four themes. Each breakout group will develop recommendations which will be presented to the group and local leaders who have been invited to attend.


This event could be used as a jumping off point or place to get info:



With Jamie Simpson, Forestry Program Coordinator, Ecology Action Centre

Monday, May 31

7:00-9:00 p.m.

Loyola 170, Loyola Academic Complex,

Saint Mary's University, 923 Robie St.

Come to this free, public discussion to learn more about forest biomass and how it fits into the Nova Scotia Power Inc.-New Page deal, and the New Renewable Energy Plan for Nova Scotia. Find out about the Natural Resources’ Expert Panel reports on Biodiversity and Restoring the Health of Nova Scotia’s Forests. Can forest biomass be sustainable? Will it threaten biodiversity in Nova Scotia?

More things to cover

There are several upcoming events that I think it would be good to cover.

Next week is Bike Week in Halifax. Here is a full calendar of events: http://www.halifax.ca/bikeweek/scheduleofevents.html

One Saturday, the Black Educators Association is putting on a Provincial Spelling BEE at 2 PM at Mount Saint Vincent University. Call the Black Educators Association @ 1-800-565-3398 or (902) 424-7036 for more info.

June 14 - 20
Arts Engage! - training/ symposium

For info & to register: 422 4805

June 14-18
5 Day Human Rights Education Workshop

Presented by Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission
To register call Linda Nicholl, 902-424-4139, or e-mail nichollj@gov.ns.ca.

June 11-13
Darkness before Dawn
THANS is proud to introduce an up and coming Nova Scotia Artist: Dawn Archambault. Join the organizers for her debut art show entitled from darkness to Dawn. Taking place at LaVilla Gallery at 2594 Agricola

Opening Night: Friday, June 11, 2010 from 7-10pm
Saturday, June 12, 2010 from 1-9pm
Sunday, June 13, 2010 from 11-4pm



Rally against Benjamin Netanyahu's visit

War criminals not welcome here!

Sunday, May 30, from 3:00 pm
Victoria Park, corner, Spring Garden Road and South Park Street, Halifax, NS

These protests are happening across Canada.  A local look at the groups involved and why they're involved. 


A bunch of story ideas here.

1. Next week is bike week - what's happening? What's missing? Who's involved? Who isn't?

2. Chaudry Family is being deportation. See here: http://chaudhrysolidarity.wordpress.com/

3. More arts stories! What radical art is being made in this city? There is a community art convergence coming up in halifax. What's that all about?

I'll post some more as I think of them!

Offshore oil

I am curious if anyone knows anything about how the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico will affect Atlantic Canada, and if offshore drilling plans there are being modified in any way because of the spill. It would be really great to read a grassroots take on this.

Clearwater and the fishery

Clearwater and the Demise of East Coast Fisheries / Coastal Communities.

Check this out:


Clearwater / Risley / Income Trust Fund / Dalhousie


I was compiling info on Clearwater and John Risley a few years ago.  Its somewhere on my computer,  I'd have to sort through it, but I could make work for someone a bit easier, if this was going to be followed up. 

But just as a starter, to peak some interest.  Risley is the 68th richest man in Canada.  Yet he borrows millions of dollars from all levels of government on a yearly basis.  Some loans are repayable, some not repayable gifts and some in the form of payroll rebates (which is the biggest scam I've ever heard of).

The President of Dalhousie University is also the sitting chair of the Clearwater Income Trust Fund.  Clearwater has reaped the benefits of Government funded Dalhousie research for years through this connection.  Remember that fish tagging/tracking research that was government funded through Dal....Clearwater will reap the benefits of fish tracking by knowing exactly where fish are at all times, anywhere in the world. 

Not to mention they are bottom trawling assholes.

If someone plans to do this article, I believe I still have all the finiancial information around somewhere, just contact me.


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