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December 22, 2008

Events to cover in January

Halifax News

What events are going in January that the Media Co-op should cover?

Post your ideas below. If you're interested in covering an event (i.e. taking photos, interviewing organizers or participants, or showing up and writing about what you see), reply to the comment that mentions the event you want to cover.


Atlantica Trial!

Hey Folks,
The Atlantica Trial was on the 22nd (after I'd already left town) but I think it'd be awesome if someone could write a story on it for January.
Any thoughts of who might be able to do this?

Atlantica trial coverage

Hey folks, I'd be happy to write a story on the Atlantica Trial, Asaf is this OK with you? Let me know what you think, but I can have it done sometime this month. cheers,


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