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November 25, 2009

Stories in need of coverage!

Halifax News

What events/policies/issues would you like to see the Halifax Media Co-op cover in December?


This story is starting to

This story is starting to receive mainstream attention, but it has been on-going since early October:

A local group of health and medical researchers at Dalhousie (and across the country) are up in arms about the appointment of VP and Medical Director of Pfizer Canada's appointment to the governing body of the Canadian Institutes for Health Research. There is an appeal to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health this coming Monday, December 7th.

Petition: http://gopetition.com/online/32371.html


The EAC has recently put out a press release on the devestation caused by using biomass as an energy source.


Some photos are here:


Breakdown of NS wage rates

I don't expect it would be easy to do, and am not certain if the HMC is the place for it, but it would be interesting to see a breakdown of the percentage of people working for different wage rates in Nova Scotia:

This % or people work at $9/hour

This % at $11/hour


Atlantica Trial

Three protesters have been found guilty for the Atlantica demonstrations. 


The Chronicle Herald article included inaccuracies and failed to interview those charged.  It would be great to have an article examining the other side of the story. 

Commercialization of Food Service on University Campuses

There is a very strong campaign at the St. Mary's University seeking to at least break the exclusive contract with Aramark and at best bringing an alternative food service. Aramark Corp at SMU is a microcosm of the food issues on numerous campuses across canada which, in the main, have similar exclusive food service, if not simply corporate, food service regimes. There are many student campaigns underfoot that seek an alternative to corporate penetration of campuses as well as instituting alternative models. There are anti-coke/bottle water campaigns which link up in many ways as well. There are a wonderful array of alternative models at Canadian and American schools  but there is a lot of room left for improvement. The most insidious elements of this issue is that students have lost their ability to imagine an alternative to corporate and global provisioning which disregard the health, livelihoods and enviro impacts locally as well as globally.


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