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September 15, 2009

Stories in need of coverage!

Halifax News

What events/issues/policies/people do you think should be covered by the Halifax Media Co-op in October?


Was thinking of taking photos

Was thinking of taking photos at the climate change rally on the 24th.

And the Halifax Coalition Against Poverty seems to be at an end now. It would be interesting to see an interview with one of the people from the group and see what the story is.

First Voices: Connecting Aboriginal Youth from the North & the S

First Voices: Connecting Aboriginal Youth in the North and the South is a project of the Atlantic Council for International Cooperation aimed at providing aboriginal youth the opportunity to collaborate and share positive stories through various creative media.

Six indigenous dancers from 2 different continents will converge on October 16th to begin a 10-day Maritime tour, including stops in Nova Scotia. This year, the youth will share their talents thorough public performances and workshops that highlight how dance provides them strength and a connection with their culture and heritage.

The dancers will travel to First Nations communities in Cape Breton and Prince Edward Island, as well as performing at St. FX University and a finale performance in Halifax on Sunday, October 25th, 2:00 pm at the North Street Church.

For more information on First Voices visit www.acic-caci.org.

IWK selling private info to controversial companies?

New moms who have given birth at the IWK are receiving free samples and ads, sometimes from questionable sources incl. free formula samples w literature advising moms to "take a break", relax and give your baby formula instead of breastmilk. The quantity in the formula sample, if given to an infant consecutively, could be enough to stop a mom's natural milk production. Some time later, companies are sending out additional coupons etc.

The "control group" here are moms who have had home births and never registered at a hospital. They don't seem to be getting these free samples and ads.

Who is giving out this contact info of new moms? If it's the IWK, what are the implications re the World Health Organization and national standards on supporting moms to breastfeed? Anyway, very interesting. If you want more info, send me an email at missmiia@yahoo.ca and I can point you in the way of some moms sounding the alarm.

Global Security Talks in Halifax

Halifax is hosting a "global security talks" in November.
I think it'd be useful to get an alternative perspective on this.

ideas for coverage

- The current status of Atlantica and the Atlantic Gateway, given I've seen two billboards about the initiative around HRM.
- Upcoming International Day of Climate Action on October 24th. Check out the Facebook event for more info on the Halifax event: "International Day of Climate Action - Halifax NS"
- Council of Canadians AGM happening in the Atlantic this year - Saint John NB, Oct 23-24th (NB Media Co-op is on it)
- Impacts of new provincial enrgy initiatives / policies and their impact on energy justice / "equity". HCAP I would think would be a good contact on this. Claire McNeil would be into it but is in Nepal for the year...

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