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April 9, 2009

Stories in need of coverage!

Halifax News

At our last HMC organizing meeting, we discussed some stories in need of coverage in Halifax. Please add your story ideas and contribute your input/feedback for the ones listed!

We encourage you to write on any of the below topics or story ideas of your own. Check out the Contributor Guidelines for details and stay tuned for upcoming story meetings!

1)The NSPIRG debate; what does it mean/symbolize? Bring in the issue of how other PIRGs across the country are in similar situations.
2)Lockheed Martin investing locally.
3)A profile on on a resident of Africville currently camping out on the original site.
4)The Closing of St. Pat's-Alexandra school
5)Increased immigration to Halifax
6)The infilling of Halifax Harbour for development projects – environmental issue
7)Dalhousie – investigation into funding of the Center for Foreign in Policy Studies, and how this affects educational content.
8)The Rename Cornwallis campaign
9)Follow-up to the anti-gun march in Preston
10)Black basketball tournament
11)Recent Deaths in Eskasoni
12)Nova Scotia purchasing large tract of Irving-owned land
13)Walk for Water event in Dartmouth on April 13


Alternative NS budget

Katie had also talked about covering this story - have either of you started, or do either of you feel more strongly about it? Bruce, I like your turnaround time.

Alternative Budget

would be great if someone wanted to cover the CCPA's new alternataive budget:

Alternative Nova Scotia Budget

I'd be glad to handle this story. Would be able to file a piece on Thursday May 7/09.

Alternative NS budget

Katie had also expressed interest in covering this story. Has either of you started, or does either of you feel more strongly about the subject?
I think filing for May 7th/09 sounds great.

There was an e-mail from

There was an e-mail from Katie to the Media Co-op organizing listserv saying she might like to cover it - has either of you started, or does either of you feel more strongly about it? Bruce, your turnaround time sounds great.

Byrony House

A reader suggested covering Byrony House and the call for increased funding to women's shelters.

Here are some links if anyone wants to follow-up:


I have contact info of relevant people if anyone's interested in doing some interviews.

Africville protest

Hi all,
I'm interested in doing some reporting on this... Just wondering if whoever suggested it could drop me a line and fill me in on what they know so far. Or post it here, for that matter.
It seems like this has been an ongoing protest for years, with the same person camping at Seaview/Africville... dating back to 1994!

re: contacts for Africville

Hi Erica,
Glen has a contact with him. I'll drop him a line to get in touch with you. This would be a great story!



I've just joined up and am getting my head around this, but I'm interested in taking a stab at #6 later on in May:

The infilling of Halifax Harbour for development projects – environmental issue.

Look forward to hearing about story meetings, etc.


Infilling of Halifax Harbour

Hi Sadie,

I noticed you were interested in doing a report on the infilling of the Harbour. I was the one that mentioned it at the meeting and was hoping someone would want to write about it.

I can help put you in touch with a few people who could give you lots of insight on the issue (if you don't have a lot of background on it yet). Send me an email if you're interested.

Re: Infilling

Hi Sadie,
That'd be great! Hopefully we'll have a story meeting sometime next week.

more story ideas

hiya - for anyone interested also just posted some stuff in the poverty working group and under health (to do with mental health - which there is a mental health week starting May 4th too)

if anyone's interested - feel free to pick up one of these ideas and run with it, but please let the editing group know if you are so we don't have multiple people working on the same idea

NSCAD students defend 24-hour access

Would be great if someone wanted to cover this NSCAD Studio-in (the press was posted today).

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